Information for outgoing students

Experience abroad - whether through a study visit or a study-related practical training - is nowadays part of the requirements profile for most management positions. Intercultural competencies and business-fluent language skills are best acquired during a longer stay abroad. In addition to English, a second foreign language is becoming increasingly important for your future professional career.
According to a study by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) employers today place greater value on graduates acquiring experience and soft skills abroad than on a short duration of study. Ansbach University of Applied Sciences therefore advises students to take advantage of the opportunities offered by a stay abroad, whether as a study semester at a partner university or study-related practical training with an international company.


Information for outgoing students

Studying abroad

Living and studying abroad improves your

  • language skills,
  • chances of getting the job you want,
  • intercultural skills and
  • broadens your horizon.

Since the courses you attend abroad are also recognized at home, the duration of your studies remains the same.

Studying abroad as a "free m over"

On principle, students can complete a semester at any foreign university of their choice. However, you should find out in advance exactly what the costs will be and check with the lecturers at your home university whether the semester abroad will be recognized.
Country information and a database for finding a suitable host university can be found on the DAAD website on "Studying, researching and teaching abroad".
In addition, numerous agencies offer placement services at foreign universities.

Study abroad at a partner university

Studying at one of our partner universities offers the advantages that the application procedure is simplified, the International Office knows fixed contact persons and will always assist if you have any questions, the tuition fees are clearly stated in advance and often even reduced for students from Ansbach.
Studying within the framework of the ERASMUS+ program of the European Commission also has the advantage that fees are waived at the partner universities and students from Ansbach University of Applied Sciences receive a mobility grant.

Planning the study period abroad

It is advisable to inform yourself about the possibilities for an exchange study/internship already at the beginning of your studies. The International Office regularly offers information events that are open to all interested parties and can be helpful in deciding on a host university. The dates are announced by notice board and by circular emails.

Financing the stay abroad

Depending on the nature of the course of study, grants for travel and living expenses may be available. Please contact the IO staff for additional information.
In general, it can be said that all costs of a semester abroad cannot be covered by government grants. It is therefore advisable to think about additional financing well in advance.


Practical training abroad

In general, students must look for a placement abroad by themselves. The International Office cannot offer any special support in finding practical training in a foreign country but can help students get additional funding.

The Erasmus+ programme also supports practical training at host institutions (companies) in other European countries*. This allows students to gain practical experience and at the same time acquire foreign language and intercultural skills.

Practical training lasting between 2 and 12 months can be funded, regardless of whether it is the mandatory practical training semester or voluntary practical training.

There are also various funding opportunities for practical training outside of the European Union.

*Excluded from this are EU institutions and organisations that administer EU programmes.

Summer schools (external providers)

Going abroad in the summer and doing something for your studies at the same time? That's what you experience at a summer school!

Summer schools are usually two to four-week educational stays at a foreign university or college and take place during the semester break. A Summer School offers subject-specific or interdisciplinary courses and/or language courses.

The courses are held in the local language or in English, thus enabling students to improve their own language skills. A cultural program with excursions and sightseeing is usually also offered and gives students a chance to get to know the country and its culture. To find the right summer school for you, it is best to check the websites of the individual universities. Important: There is usually a course fee for attending a summer school!

Intercultural Training "Successful in China"
Students at Bavarian universities can participate free of charge.
Date: March 2023
Application deadline: March 5, 2023
Here for more details

Summer School 2023
of the Faculty of Computer Science and Management of the University of Hradec Králové

Location: Hradec Králové (Czech Republic)
Date: 8 July to 8 August 2023
Costs: tuition fees 600 euros, accommodation 390 euros (the price includes a maximum of 31 nights), accompanying programme 120 euros    
Application: discount of 100 euros for students who apply and pay before 10 April 2023, 23:59 CET.
Here for more details

Modern Israel Summer Program
Location: Israel
Date: Juli 30 – August 31, 2023
Application deadline: April 30, 2023
Click here for full details.

Summer University for Intercultural Chinese Studies
Date: from the beginning of August until the beginning of September
Application deadline: April 21, 2023
Here for more details

Delightful Istanbul 2023
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Date: 22.07.–05.08.2023
Application deadline for early registration discount: 30th March 2023
General application deadline: 1st July 2023
Programme: Delightful Istanbul Summer School comes with a rich social activities programme that enables students to discover nearly all attractions of the city while they continue their studies. Click here for full details.
Fees: Programme fee is 850 USD. Early bird registration fee is 750 USD (Until the March 30th). The Fee includes: 50 hours of class tuition, course materials, bed and breakfast accommodation in a superior hostel for 14 nights, two weekend tours, program amenities and other surprises. For more information click here. Fashion Design and Gastronomy courses have an additional fee of 40 USD.
Courses: The following courses are offered; for course descriptions and contents please click here.
• Digital Marketing, 3 ECTS
• Brand Management, 3 ECTS
• Exploration of Turkish Art via Museums, 3 ECTS
• Current Issues in International Politics, 3 ECTS
• Neuroscience, 3 ECTS
• Genetics and Medical Biotechnology, 4 ECTS
• Multi-Criteria Decision Making, 3 ECTS
• Fashion Design, 3 ECTS
• Integrated Marketing Communication, 3 ECTS
• The Taste of Istanbul and Anatolian Food Culture, 3 ECTS
Easy Application Process:
• All applicants must have a minimum of B2 level English
• They simply need to complete the application form here
• A Passport size Photo – A valid Student ID (With validity date on), and Passport Copy to be uploaded.
More Information:
Email: delightful(at)

Delightful Cappadocia 2023
Location: Cappadocia, Turkey
Date: 08.04. – 15.04.2023

Application deadline for early registration discount: 15th January 2023
General application deadline: 15th March 2023
Programme: Delightful Cappadocia 2023 Spring School comes with unique and adventurous cultural activity programme that enables students to discover nearly all attractions in Cappadocia while they continue their studies. Click here for full details.
Fees: Programme fee is 620 USD. (580 USD Early registration discounted fee until Jan.15) Fee includes; 25 hours of class tuition, course materials,7 nights full board (breakfast – lunch and dinner) accommodation in a 5 star hotel in Cappadocia, Sunday Tour in Cappadocia, airport transfers in groups, programme amenities and other surprises. For more information click here.
Courses: The following courses are offered; for course descriptions and contents please click here.
• Digital Marketing 2 ECTS
Easy Application Process:
• All applicants must have a minimum of B2 level English
• They simply need to complete the application form here
• A Passport size Photo – A valid Student ID (With validity date on), and Passport Copy to be uploaded.
More Information:

Fulbright Summer Study Programme in the USA:
„Communicating Across Disciplines: New Approaches for Applied Sciences“
at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia

from 19 July to 14 August 2023
The content of the programme focuses on deepening and broadening communicative skills as well as analysing and solving complex issues across different disciplines. The innovative programme is offered by the Center for Communicating Science at Virginia Tech and complemented by non-university visits and field trips.
Location: Virginia
Application: until 18.01.2023
Info: Fulbright Summer Institute FH für Studierende in nicht-dualen Studiengängen

„Intercultural Communication”
at Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
from 15 July to 5 August 2023

The programme focuses on "Intercultural Communication & Leadership", "American Culture" and "Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Social Change". The courses are complemented by guest lectures and panel discussions with experts, as well as practice-oriented group projects and excursions, thus promoting experiential and project-based learning.
Location: Michigan
Application: until 18.01.2023
Info: Fulbright Summer Institute für Studierende in dualen Studiengängen

Scholarships and grants

Scholarships and grants for studying abroad can be applied for at the following institutions or programmes.

ATTENTION: All applications must be submitted in before going abroad!

Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission

PROMOS programme

Programme “Internationalisation of German Universities” of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts

Bavarian Academic Centres
Bavarian Academic Centre for China (BayCHINA)
Bavarian Academic Centre for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (BAYHOST)
Bavarian-Indian Centre
Bavarian Academic Centre for Latin America (BAYLAT)
Franco-Bavarian University cooperation centre (BayFrance)

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Grants for German students and graduates
Internationalisation of Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS.International)

Fulbright Programme (USA)
Fulbright scholarships and Fulbright travel grants for students and graduates

Language training

Language offers from Ansbach University
Our language centre is offering various language courses.

Language Courses from the Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb)
The vhb offers more than 30 free courses for the following languages: English, French, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Czech.

Recognition of academic achievements

The application for recognition of academic achievements should be handed in during the semester following the stay abroad.

It is strongly recommended that the academic recognition of courses or academic achievements is agreed upon and written down in a Learning Agreement before the mobility.

Partner universities

Ansbach University of Applied Sciences maintains close contacts with universities all over the world. Joint collaborations include the exchange of students, teaching staff and non-teaching staff as well as joint projects in research and teaching.

Partner universities