Application possibilities for the coming semester

For all application options for the coming semester, please refer to our online application portal.

Application deadlines

Timely application via the online application portal is required for all degree programmes. Please note that the following deadlines are cut-off deadlines. Your application or your documents must therefore have reached us by the end of the last day of the respective deadline at the latest.

Application deadlines for degree programmes with restricted admission
Ø  30 April to 15 July (winter semester) deviating applies for WS 2021: until 31.07.2021
Ø  01 December to 15 January (summer semester)

Submission deadlines for certificates:
Ø  27 July (winter semester) This only applies to certificates issued after 15 July. Provisional certificates cannot be accepted. Deviating applies for WS 2021: until 31.07.2021

Deadlines for submission of grade certificates:
Ø  15 August (winter semester)
Ø  28 February (summer semester)

Application deadlines for degree programmes with open admission
Applications for degree programmes with open admissions are generally accepted from the
Ø  30 April to 30 September (winter semester)
Ø  01 December to 14 March (summer semester)

For deviating deadlines, please refer to the online applicant portal!

Application procedure for degree programmes with restricted admission

Ansbach University of Applied Sciences participates in the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV) for degree programmes with restricted admissions. This procedure supports us in our admission processes and helps to avoid vacant study places.

For a smooth application, please read the  >>DoSV agenda<<  carefully and follow the described procedure.

The following degree programmes are subject to restricted admission in the coming winter semester:

  • Applied Business and Media Psychology
  • Multimedia and Communication
  • Departmental Journalism
  • Visualisation and Interaction in Digital Media

Please note the information provided by the Foundation for University Admission (German).

Application procedure for degree programmes with open admission

  •  Before applying, please register online in the applicant portal of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. You will need a valid e-mail address for this purpose.
  • Once your access to the online applicant portal has been activated, you can apply within the application deadline (usually by 30.09. for the winter semester or by 14.03. for the summer semester).
  • Please follow the instructions in the portal for a successful application. Upload all necessary documents and submit your application via the corresponding button.
  • As soon as we have received your complete documents and you fulfil the requirements, you will receive an admission letter. You will then be able to view your admission decision online in the applicant portal.
  • If you receive a positive decision, please note the further procedure described there. You can accept your place online within a certain period of time, usually until the end of August (for the winter semester) or until the end of February (for the summer semester).
  • You can also apply for enrollment online via the applicant portal and thus enroll provisionally (usually until September or March). Please check in advance whether you have submitted all documents, notified the health insurance company of your wish to enroll, and paid the necessary fees and charges.
  • Final enrolment is usually carried out online by the university. You will receive confirmation of your enrolment electronically.
  • You will usually receive your student ID and certificates shortly before or at the start of the semester.
  • All current deadlines and information on the status of the procedure can be found regularly on the applicant portal.

Documents to be submitted

All required documents are to be uploaded exclusively online in the applicant portal. Which documents are required will be displayed individually in the applicant portal. In individual cases, we reserve the right to request original documents.

For all applications, please submit

  • University entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur certificate)
  • Identity card
  • Curriculum vitae

Please note that the list of documents mentioned is not exhaustive. The documents to be submitted depend on your type of university admission as well as other application and admission requirements.

Allocation rules in admission-restricted degree programmes

The allocation rules apply to undergraduate Bachelor's degree programmes.

Of the calculated study place capacity, study places are made available in advance for certain study place applications. These advance quotas include, for example, joint students who complete vocational training parallel to their studies, vocationally qualified persons or foreign nationals, insofar as they are not treated equally to Germans.

The remaining places are allocated according to qualification and waiting period.

You can find more information >>>HERE<<<

Basic internship

The following applies to the departmental journalism degree programme: At the beginning of the degree programme, you must complete an internship or several internships in the editorial department of a current mass medium (in particular daily newspaper, radio, TV, online/cross-media, PR/public relations) of at least four weeks in total. The internship can be made up in the first two semesters. However, we recommend that you complete it before beginning your studies.

In the Industrial Engineering degree programme, a basic internship totalling 8 weeks must be completed within the first two years of study. Comparable work completed prior to the degree programme can be recognised upon application. The application can only be submitted after matriculation.

You can find an information sheet on the basic internship in the Industrial Engineering and Management degree programme here (German).

Study without A-Levels

You can also study without a school-based higher education entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur). The Qualifications Ordinance (§§ 29, 30) lists the qualifications you need to take up a course of study (= university entrance):


Requirements for general admission to higher education:

  • Certificate e.g.
    • on passing the master craftsman's examination or
    • a completed vocational training examination of equal status (BBiG, HwO) or
    • on passing the final examination of a technical school or technical academy (not vocational school) etc.
  • Counselling interview at the General Student Advisory Service within the application deadline


Requirements for subject-linked admission to higher education:

  • Completion of at least two years of vocational training in a field related to the intended degree programme;
  • Subsequent full-time professional experience of at least three years in a field related to the intended degree programme and
  • a counselling interview with the General Student Counselling Service within the application deadline.
  • A successful trial study*


Would you like to make an appointment for a consultation? Please contact us: Student Advisory Service

* Trial studies: You start your studies in October. After one year, your examination results are checked. If your performance is satisfactory, you can continue your studies as normal.


Application for higher semesters

In the open-admission degree programmes, places are available in all higher semesters that are open for applications. For the winter semester, places are therefore generally available in the 3rd, 5th and 7th semesters, and in the 2nd, 4th and 6th semesters for the summer semester.

For all application options for the coming semester, please refer to our online application portal.

You can only apply for a higher semester if you have already studied in another degree programme or at another university and have examination credits (ECTS points) for the desired degree programme.


Admission to a higher semester is only possible in all Bachelor's degree programmes offered at the university if

  • study places have been returned or have become free for other reasons (free capacities);
  • there is a corresponding offer for the semester applied for;
  • the study and examination achievements to date can be recognised to the extent that the ECTS achieved thereby are no more than 20 points below the point limit normally achievable for the semester applied for (30 ECTS per semester).

The number of recognised ECTS must therefore be available in the following amount for the respective semester:

  • 2nd semester: at least 21 ECTS
  • 3rd semester: at least 40 ECTS
  • 4th semester: at least 70 ECTS
  • 5th semester: at least 100 ECTS
  • 6th semester: at least 130 ECTS
  • 7th semester: at least 160 ECTS

You apply for the 3rd semester. You are recognised for 50 ECTS –> Admission is possible!

The recognition of examination achievements with the associated ECTS is carried out according to the current study and examination regulations of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences for the corresponding degree programme.


Documents to be submitted

Please submit the following documents by the deadline as part of the online application:

  • Your university entrance qualification (e.g. certificate of general qualification for university entrance)
  • Study and examination regulations for your current degree programme
  • Excerpt from the module description for the examination performance.
  • The module handbooks of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences are available on the pages of the respective degree programme.
  • (Please compare the module descriptions before submitting your application).
  • Exmatriculation certificate
  • Application for crediting of competences - you will find this here (German).
    Crediting of competences (learning objectives) means that, on application and under certain conditions, examination results already achieved in the higher education sector, but also outside the higher education sector, can be credited towards partial module examinations. You can find further information on the crediting of competences under the keyword "All about examinations".
  • Current grade confirmation
    If you are still taking examinations in the semester before applying for a higher semester in degree programmes with restricted admission, you can submit an updated grade confirmation by:
    - 1 March for the summer semester
    - 15 August for the winter semester


Contact for questions

  • If you have any questions regarding the content of your course, please first contact the relevant course guidance office for your degree programme.
  • If you have any questions regarding credit transfer, please contact the Student Services.


Foreign students

Foreign educational certificates

If you have acquired a foreign higher education entrance qualification (e.g. certificates, diplomas), you must have it recognised. The assessment - Vorprüfungsdokumentation (VPD) - is carried out for us by uni-assist e.V.. The VPD does not replace an application to the university.

If you are interested, you can check for yourself without obligation whether your degree entitles you to study in Germany or Bavaria or

Procedure Certificate Examination (VPD) by uni-assist e.V.

  • Please submit an officially certified copy of your foreign school leaving certificate and an officially certified German or English translation to uni-assist e.V. for evaluation.
  • You fill out the application for verification (VPD) of your educational qualifications online and send it to uni-assist e.V. You can find the application at www.uni-assist.en. There you will also find more detailed information on the procedure. A VPD is possible all year round. Please note that uni-assist e.V. usually needs 4-6 weeks to process your documents - therefore, please submit your documents early.
  • A fee is due for the processing by uni-assist e.V., which you must transfer directly to uni-assist e.V..
  • Please submit the VPD with your transcripts as part of your application.

The university decides whether your certificate of education entitles you to study the desired degree programme or whether you have to take an assessment test.


Direct university access

Applicants whose educational certificates allow direct access to higher education must prove that they have passed a German language examination in order to be admitted.

Only the following German examinations are recognised:

  • German Language Diploma of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder - Second Level -.
  • German Language Examination for University Admission for Foreign Study Applicants (DSH) with a result at level DSH1 (B2)
  • Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache für ausländische Studienbewerber*innen (TestDaF) (German as a Foreign Language for Foreign Study Applicants) with a result that shows TestDaF level 3 in all four sub-tests.
  • The certificate of the examination to determine the suitability of foreign applicants to study at universities in the Federal Republic of Germany (Feststellungsprüfung).
  • Proof of German language skills which have been recognised by bilateral agreements or other agreements made by the KMK or HRK as sufficient proof of language skills for admission to a higher education programme
  •  The Großes or Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom as well as the certificate of the Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung (ZOP) of the Goethe-Institut or the Goethe-Zertifikat of the Goethe-Institut with a result of level B2
  • The "Deutsche Sprachprüfung II" (German Language Examination II) of the Sprachen-und Dolmetscherinstitut München (Munich Language and Interpreting Institute)
  • Certificates of having passed the "telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule" examination

Proof of having passed the German language examination must be uploaded as part of the application. Please refer to the online applicant portal for the deadlines.


University admission via Feststellungsprüfung

If applicable, you will have to take the examination to determine the suitability of foreign applicants to study at universities in the Federal Republic of Germany before you start your studies.

Preparation for the assessment test is carried out on

Studienkolleg bei den Fachhochschulen des Freistaates Bayern
Friedrich-Streib-Straße 2
96450 Coburg

Tel.: 09561/427060

We will let you know whether you need to attend the Studienkolleg after we have checked your application documents.

After passing the assessment test, enrolment at a Bavarian university of applied sciences is possible. However, it depends on the result of the selection procedure.


Applicants from the People's Republic of China

Applicants from the People's Republic of China must present the original certificate of the Beijing Academic Evaluation Centre at the university.


Application for dual study opportunities

You can find information on dual study opportunities here


Health insurance

Important: Enrollment is not possible without notification of the insurance status of your health insurance company. The notification of the health insurance company is done digitally.
If you have statutory health insurance, we require:

  • an electronic notification from your health insurance company about your insurance status.
  • Please inform your health insurance company that you would like to enroll at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.

If you are not covered by a statutory health insurance, we need:

  • an electronic notification from a statutory health insurance company
  • Please notify a statutory health insurance company of your choice to send the information about your insurance status ("exempt from insurance, exempt from compulsory insurance or not compulsory insurance") to Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.

The documents will be sent to us directly by the health insurance company.

If your health insurance fund does not yet use the digital notification to universities, you can also upload your health insurance certificate in the university's applicant portal.

Applicants who come from a member state of the EU/EEA must also register with their health insurance company and inform them there. Foreign applicants from non-EU member states must register with a German health insurance fund, take out insurance there and inform the health insurance fund that they wish to study at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.

If there are any changes in your health insurance, you must immediately inform your current health insurance company to pass on the change to Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. Otherwise, you may be denied re-registration or continued studies.

The above-mentioned notification must also be made if you have been de-registered from Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and re-register for the next semester, e.g. in a different course of study.

You can find the information sheet on health insurance here.

The answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found HERE.

Visiting studies

If you are interested in attending individual courses over a semester as a guest student, please contact the General Student Advisory Service (studienberatung(at) or 0981/4877-574) for advice.

Please note: Guest students only attend lectures, but do not take any examinations and do not receive any confirmation of attendance (no certificate of enrolment).
Visiting students are not permitted for degree programmes with restricted admission and continuing education programmes.

For part-time Bachelor's degree programmes, however, you have the option of completing a module study programme. You can find more information on this on the respective website of the desired part-time degree programme.


Guest students generally require the same qualifications as students. The university may allow exceptions if the applicant has at least

  1. has a secondary school leaving certificate or
  2. can credibly demonstrate a special interest and the university is of the opinion, based on the applicant's previous education, professional experience and other personal circumstances, that he/she is able to follow the individual courses he/she wishes to attend.


The fee for visiting students is based on the total number of semester hours per week (SWS) of the courses in accordance with the University Fees Ordinance. It amounts to
• 100,- € for attending courses with less than 5 semester hours per week;
• 200,- € for attendance of courses with 5 to 8 semester hours per week;
• 300,- € for attending courses with more than 8 semester hours per week.

The fees for courses of the special offers of the continuing education programme as well as the part-time degree programmes are different.

Application procedure:

  1. Search for the desired module(s) in the module handbook of the respective degree programme.
  2. Contact the relevant faculty and ask whether participation can be approved on the basis of capacity and when the desired course will take place request a short e-mail confirmation from the person responsible for the module.
  3. If the possibility of participation has been clarified with the faculty:i send the application documents by e-mail to the Student Services (bewerbung.bachelor(at)
    Completed application form (German)
    Copy of the highest school leaving certificate
    E-mail from the faculty regarding the possibility of participation (see point 2).
  4. Internal examination of the application

In your own interest, you should submit your application early, as the internal examination takes some time.


You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions HERE (German).