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All applications and certificates must be submitted online in the student portal (PRIMUSS). The forms are stored there.

Crediting of competences

Crediting of competences (learning objectives) means that, on application and under certain conditions, examination achievements already taken in higher education can be recognised, knowledge outside higher education or in further education (e.g. further education examinations of the IHK or HWK, practical work activity), can be credited to module examinations.
Before submitting an application, you should compare the examination achievements in higher education to date with the module description for which you would like to apply for recognition or credit on the basis of the module description or, in the case of non-university competences, on the basis of an official description of the content and scope.
Examination achievements that have already been taken in the degree programme with us cannot be credited.


The following applies to competences acquired prior to enrolment in the current degree programme:

  • Submission of the documents at the latest by the end of the examination registration period of the semester in which enrolment took place. This deadline only applies to the examinations that you would like to take in the semester of enrolment instead if your application is rejected. For other examinations, you can submit the application until the end of the semester of enrolment, and for the practical part of the internship semester even afterwards.

Competences that you acquire during your studies (e.g. vhb courses) can be submitted for recognition during your studies.

  • Confirmation of grades
  •  Module description of the institution at which the performance was achieved.

If you have questions regarding the content, please first contact the respective subject advisor of your degree programme.
If you have any questions regarding recognition under examination law, please contact the Student Services


You are about to successfully complete your studies and would like to start your final thesis or your bachelor's or master's thesis.

The registration for the thesis as well as the information sheet for the thesis can be found in the student portal. Please note the information on re-registration in the information sheet!

Please note further information of your study program.

Practical study semester

Legal framework

The following legal conditions must be observed for the practical semester:

The Practice Officers are responsible for the formalities concerning the practical semester. You can find contact details on the respective study programme pages.

Documents for the practical semester for all study programmes

Please send the contract concluded with the company (and, if applicable, a notification form) in good time in advance of the internship via the student portal or by e-mail to the Student Services

The documents for the practical semester of your study programme are available for download on the German homepage.
Here you will find the guidelines for the report, the internship plan, sample cover sheet for the report, etc.

Examination deadlines

The deadlines listed here refer to students in bachelor's and master's degree programmes.

Initial Deadline
If the standard period of study is exceeded by more than two semesters, all examinations that have not yet been taken are considered to be failed for the first time.

Basic and Orientation Examination(s)
These examination(s) are specified in the appendix to the respective study and examination regulations and must be taken for the first time by the end of the second semester at the latest.

Periods for repetition
Failed examinations must be repeated. Please note the following deadlines:
Deadline for the 1st repetition examination (second attempt) = 1 semester
Deadline for the 2nd repeat examination (third attempt) = 2 semesters

A 3rd test repeat is not possible.

Maximum number of resits
You may take a third examination attempt (second resit) a maximum of three times. This means that you may fail a second examination attempt (first resit) a maximum of three times. Failure to pass a fourth second attempt leads to final failure of the examination performance (consequence: exmatriculation).

ECTS points boundaries
It applies to students who are enrolled in undergraduate Bachelor's degree programmes with a standard period of study of seven semesters from WS 2021/22.  Examination results must be completed by a certain deadline, otherwise they are considered to have been definitively failed (consequence: exmatriculation). The following examinations must be taken:

  • At least 21 ECTS credits from the first two subject semesters by the end of the 2nd subject semester.
  • At least 41 ECTS points from the first three semesters by the end of the 3rd semester.
  • At least 66 ECTS points from the first four semesters by the end of the 4th semester.

The semester allocation or modules to be taken are specified in the study and examination regulations. For part-time degree programmes with 14 semesters, the requirements apply differently in the 4th, 6th and 8th semester.

Bachelor's/Master's thesis
A Bachelor's / Master's thesis can only be repeated once. The second attempt must be registered within 6 months after notification of failure.

Extension of deadline
If you are unable to meet an examination deadline for reasons for which you are not responsible, you can apply for an extension of the deadline. The application deadline is generally linked to the deadline for registering for the examination. If you withdraw from an examination, the deadlines for withdrawal apply.

Consequences of missed deadline
If you fail to comply with a deadline, you receive an ex officio grade of "failed" on the corresponding attempt. This means that further repetition periods are necessary. It can also lead to a final failure of an examination performance.
Please note that the deadlines for taking repeat examinations are generally not interrupted by a leave of absence or exmatriculation.

Withdrawal from examinations / request for refusal of mark 5

In the event that you are unable to take an examination or have to discontinue the examination, this will initially result in the award of a grade 5 (failed).
You can apply for the grade 5 not to be awarded if there are reasons for which you are not responsible. You must provide evidence of these.

Non-attendance at the examination due to illness
You must see a doctor immediately and provide a medical certificate in accordance with the requirements of the university. This must be based on an examination on the day of the examination. If you are ill before the day of the examination, the certificate must include the day of the examination.

Dropping out of the examination during the examination
You must inform the examination supervisor of the reason for dropping out and go to the doctor immediately on the day of the examination. If you cannot reach a family doctor, you must contact the medical on-call service or a hospital.

In case of an inpatient hospital stay, the presentation of the certificate of inpatient stay is sufficient.

Content requirements for a certificate

  • Please use the certificate provided in the student portal and follow the explanations and guidelines found there

Form and deadline
For each examination, an application must be submitted online via the student portal. The application and the supporting documents (e.g. medical certificate) must be submitted to the Student Services without delay, but no later than one week after the end of the examination period.

Examination registration and deregistration

Students must register for and deregister from examinations in the student portal in a binding manner. The respective periods can be found in the university's schedule.

In case of an ongoing examination deadline, the examination must be taken, otherwise it will be assessed with the grade "failed".

Please also note our information on deadlines and examination modalities.

Important information:

  • There is no automatic registration for repeat examinations.
  • Document the status of the examination registration at the end of the online examination registration and deregistration (generate PDF).

If you have any questions, please contact the Student Services.

Additional modules (voluntary examinations)

Students can take voluntary examinations (additional modules) on which the passing of the Bachelor's or Master's examination does not depend.

All modalities and the application can be found in the student portal.


Examination schedules, lists of participants, organisational matters

The examination period is announced to the university via the internet on the basis of the semester-related schedule. The date for the publication of the examination schedules can also be found in the schedule (usually four weeks before the start of the examination period).

You will find the examination schedules, the announcement on the performance of examinations in the IT-Service Portal under the menu item "Studies".

The lists of examination participants, which are also room lists, are also available there for all degree programmes on the evening before each examination at the latest.

Please inform yourself regularly about the current status!

If you have registered for the examination of a module, especially languages, from another degree programme, please inform yourself using the examination schedule of the respective degree programme.

Notification and announcement of grades

Grades are announced for all students in the student portal. The specific time periods are published in the semester-related schedule.

Virtual University Bavaria

The Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb) is a joint institution of the Bavarian universities. It provides online courses as a supplement to face-to-face studies, which have been developed by teachers at the sponsoring universities. The offer includes online courses as well as shorter online learning units. Ansbach University of Applied Sciences is one of the vhb's sponsoring universities. You can find more information for students and teachers on the vhb homepage at https://www.vhb.org/.

As a student of our university, you can use the vhb tutorial-supported online courses free of charge. Detailed descriptions and demo versions of all courses are available in the course programme. Please contact the Student Services or the degree programme in good time in advance to find out whether the study and examination credits obtained in vhb courses can be credited.

Under OPEN vhb you will find shorter, open courses at university level that may be of interest to you as well as to the general public. Courses that prepare you for your studies and courses that accompany your studies are also offered here. These courses are not designed to count towards your degree.

As a teacher, the vhb supports you not only in the development and implementation of cross-university online courses, but also in the integration of existing digital courses into your teaching. You can find more information under the tab "Teachers".

Compensation for disadvantages

If you want to claim compensation for a disadvantage in examination performance, you must submit an application to the examination board in good time - usually during the registration period for the examination performance. You will find the relevant documents and further explanations in the student portal.

If a disadvantage arises at short notice, please contact the Student Services immediately.

Audit committee

The examination board is the superordinate examination body for all examination matters at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.
In particular, it has the following tasks:

  • the determination and announcement of the examination period as well as dates by which the examination results must be available,
  • the decision on fundamental questions of admission to the examinations as well as in other examination matters of fundamental importance,
  • monitoring the correct application of the audit provisions,
  • handling appeals against examination decisions and deciding on appeals in examination matters; and
  • the decision on compensation for disadvantages.
  • The examination board is active across all study programmes and faculties and is superior to the examination boards.

Board of examiners

The examination board, which is formed for each study programme, is the responsible examination body for the respective study programme.
In particular, the examination board is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. the determination and announcement of the dates for individual examination performances,
  2. the appointment of examiners, the assignment of students to examiners and the appointment of assessors for oral examinations,
  3.  the determination and disclosure of the approved materials and equipment according to the proposal of the examiner entrusted with the task,
  4.  the decision on the crediting of periods of study, academic and examination achievements and relevant, equivalent vocational or school training,
  5.  the decision on the consequences of infringements of examination rules
  6. the decision on applications for extensions of time-limits for the completion of examination work
  7.  the decision on the consequences of failure to appear for examinations, and
  8. the determination of the results of examination performances.

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