Mastering your studies with a child can feel like a big challenge. Ansbach University of Applied Sciences supports students with the arrangement of the various tasks of studying and family. We would also like to offer comprehensive information and advice to parents interested in studying.

We strive to create good conditions that facilitate the compatibility of studies and children.

The following checklists provide you with initial information.


Family Portal- Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA): www.familienplanung.de

The Bavarian State Ministry for Family, Labour and Social Affairs has compiled special information in times of Corona under the following link.


Here you can find information and advice on the following topics:

Maternity protection

Since January 1st, 2018, the Maternity Protection Act Mutterschutzgesetz (MuSchG) also applies to female students. Its purpose is to protect the health of the student and her child during studies, pregnancy, after childbirth and during the breastfeeding period.

Maternity leave for female students includes the following statutory provisions

  • The maternity leave period is 6 weeks before and 8 weeks after the birth of the child. (In certain cases, 12 weeks)
  • During the term of protection, there is a relative ban on the participation in exams and courses: Students are excluded from examinations and courses during this period. However, at your own (written) request, you can still participate during the protection period before and after childbirth. You can revoke your consent to participate at any time with effect for the future.
  • During pregnancy and the breast-feeding period (first 12 months after birth), students have the right to be exempted for checkups related to pregnancy and for breast-feeding of the child without any disadvantages.
  • Rules regarding exams
    There should be no disadvantages due to pregnancy, childbirth or lactation. These are to be compensated. The declaration to the university that the student wants to continue her studies despite maternity protection can only be revoked before the exam. If examinations are abandoned, the general regulations of the examination regulations of the universities apply, as in the case of a disease.

Exemptions from prohibition of employment/training for pregnant students

  • Visits to the training facility between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. are possible if:
    a) The wish is explicitly declared to the university 
    b) Participation is necessary for training 
    c) No irresponsible risk arises from working alone
  • Visits to the training facility on Sundays and holidays are possible if:
    a) The wish is explicitly declared to the university
    b) Participation is necessary for training

The revocation of a declaration for night, Sunday and holiday work/study is possible at any time - but only for the future.

There is no legal obligation to report pregnancy to the university. However, notification is a prerequisite for the claim of the regulations. To report your pregnancy to the university, please contact the Office for Family, Equal Opportunities and Diversity.

The Maternity Protection Act for reference:
Federal Office of Justice: Gesetze im Internet - Mutterschutzgesetz 2018 (german)

Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth: Brochure Leitfaden zum Mutterschutz (german)








    A detailed list of financing options for students with children can be found under “Studis online":
    Financial tips: Studying with a child: Finanztipps: Studieren mit Kind.

    In summary, the following options are available to you:

    1. Parental benefits and ElterngeldPlus
    2. Child benefits
    3. BAföG and Kinderbetreuungszuschlag for BAföG
    4. Alimony advance
    5. Child allowance
    6. Childcare expenses
    7. School supplies package
    8. Other: Increased need, maternity benefits, federal foundation - mother and child


    Bavarian Family Benefits

    All parents with children of the age of one or two years are eligible for Bavarian Family Benefits. As it is independent from parental benefits it does not have an effect on them. People who have applied for and have been accepted for parental benefits in Bavaria do not have to submit an application. The application for parental benefits is simultaneously an application for family benefits.

    The following requirements must be fulfilled for applicants to be eligible:

    • The main residency must be in the Free State of Bavaria.
    • Applicants must live in the same household as their child.
    • Applicants must raise the child themselves and provide beneficial early childhood care.

    Further information on this topic can be found at: ZBFS Zentrum Bayern Familie und Soziales


    Further information on financial aid can be found under the following links:

    Landratsamt Ansbach – Gesundheitsamt
    Checklist information for pregnant women and young families
    Checkliste Informationen für Schwangere und junge Familien (german)

    Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth
    Leitfaden zum Mutterschutz (german)


    Family friendly university environment

    Family-friendly and Barrier-free campus plan

    For parents, older people and people with various disabilities, a plan of the main campus of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences is available in pdf format with details of family-friendly and barrier-free facilities (parent-child room, baby-changing facilities, lifts, electric door openers …).

    If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the plan, please contact the Office for Family, Equal Opportunities and Diversity.
    Email: familie(at)hs-ansbach.de


    Parent-child room with baby-changing facility

    Building 92, GF, Room 15 (92.0.15)

    Es bietet:

    It offers:

    • space for baby changing and nursing
    • activities for babies and toddlers
    • a place to stay for parents with small children.

    Hier ein kleiner Eindruck zur Räumlichkeit über den nachfolgenden Link: Parent-child room

    The room is also equipped with the KidsBox, a kind of a mobile children's room that can be taken to one's own work or study space. You can get a little insight into the contents of the KidsBox by clicking on the link below: KidsBox


    Diaper wrapping

    Changing facilities are also available in the spacious and daily cleaned barrier-free toilets:

    • Building 92, GF (92.0.8)
    • Building 51, GF, east (51.0.16)
    • Building 50 1. Floor, east (50.1.13)
    • Building 54, GF (54.0.3)
    • Library (70)
    • Dining hall (87.0.15)


    Highchairs are available in the dining hall for our youngest visitors to the canteen. A children's plate card (free addition to the parents' meal for children under the age of 10) can be applied for.


    Children's area in the university library

    For children who are in the university library under the supervision of their parents, books and toys are available in the children's area. Changing facilities are available in the nearby toilets of the university library.


    Parent-child parking

    Please contact the Office for Family, Equal Opportunities and Diversity 0981-4877-503 and familie(at)hs-ansbach.de.


    Welcome package

    The university has a little surprise for our new parents!
    Student parents can pick it up after the birth by presenting their birth certificate at the Office for Family, Equal Opportunities and Diversity. Please make an appointment in advance.
    (Staff and professors please contact the Human Resources Department).


    Children's bring day

    Since 2022, the Office for Family Affairs, Equal Opportunities and Diversity has organised a childcare day for children of staff and students every year on the school-free Day of Prayer and Repentance. The offer applies to children of primary school age and is intended to close any gaps in childcare on the non-school but non-working Day of Prayer and Repentance.

    Bring your child day 2023:

    On 22 November 2023, the second Children's Bring Day took place at Hochschiel Ansbach. 11 children of employees took part.
    A discovery tour through Ansbach was on the programme for the children. Alexander Biernoth, a city guide and well-known historian of Ansbach, gave the children an understanding of the history of the city in a walk with a detour to the market count's crypt under the church of St Gumbertus and a visit to the market count's museum. The musical programme continued afterwards. The young regional cantor Thorsten Rascher introduced the children to the queen of instruments, the organ, in St Ludwig's Church. After a short introduction to the instrument, the children were then allowed to play the keys themselves.
    The successful day ended with lunch together in the canteen. The children and the staff from the Family, Equal Opportunities and Diversity Office enjoyed a successful morning.


    There is the possibility of childcare by the “Miteinander" maternity center, which is located directly next to the campus in the Brückencenter. There, an individual and very flexible care time can be booked. The Mothers Center is a registered association. The university is happy to provide financial support for the membership fee of the “Miteinander” maternity center. To receive financial support, you can apply for subsidies for the membership fee. As a club member, the cost contributions for the care are significantly lower.

    The grant can be applied for at the Office for Family, Equal Opportunities and Diversity (familie(at)hs-ansbach.de) Further information about the Mütterzentrum can be found here: Muetterzentrum Ansbach.

    Further information on other childcare options can be found here:


    Events for families

    We regularly offer various events for families at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.


    The office cooperates with various advice centres and network partners in order to offer the widest possible range of advice and support.

    Further advice centres:

    Mütterzentrum Ansbach (german)

    Koki-Netzwerk frühe Kindheit Landkreis Ansbach (german)

    Bündnis Familie Landkreis Ansbach (german)

    Bavarian Family Services Network of the Universities


    Further counselling services and contact points

    In the following listed links you will find further tips and information.

    Parental allowance, parental allowance plus and parental leave:
    Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend: Elterngeld, EltergeldPlus und Partnerschaftsbonus

    Day care for children:
    Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend: Kindertagespflege: die familiennahe Alternative-Ein Leitfaden für Eltern

    Studierendenwerk Nürnberg Erlangen:
    Werkswelt; Studying with a child


    In the links listed below you will find more information on counselling.

    Social Atlas Stadt Ansbach:
    Stadt Ansbach: Ansbacher Sozialatlas (german)

    Health Department:
    Stadt und Landkreis Ansbach: staatlich anerkannte Beratungsstelle für Schwangerschaftsfragen (german)

    Pregnancy counselling Ansbach:
    Landkreis Ansbach: Leben im Landkreis- Schwangerenberatung (german)

    Pregnancy counselling:
    Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Familie, Arbeit und Soziales: Schwanger in Bayern- Infos und Beratung für Schwangere und Familien (german)

    Pregnancy counselling Diakonie Ansbach:
    Diakonie Ansbach: staatlich anerkannte Beratungsstelle für Schwangerschaftsfragen (german)

    Amt für Familie und Jugend - Contact persons and telephone numbers:
    Stadt Ansbach: Amt für Familie und Jugend- Wegweiser Adressen und Telefonnummern (german)


    Parents' group

    Parents' meeting "Treffpunkt Studieren mit Kind" (Meeting point for studying with a child)

    Once a semester, the parents' group of the university meets for breakfast at the "Offenen Treff" of the Mütterzentrum in Ansbach. For a small contribution towards costs per person, the food is provided by the Mothers' Centre. High chairs, a changing table and toys are available for children who bring their own. The personal exchange and the fellowship with other parents have been found very valuable by previous participants.

    Registration parents group

    Register here for our parents group:

    HERE you can find more information about the data protection consent.



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