Guided tours and training courses

Offer for schools

In the brochure "Die Seminare in der gymnasialen Oberstufe" ("The Seminars in the Upper Secondary School"), the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture points out that the library as a place of learning and work should play an important role in the W-Seminar.
For this reason, we offer introductory events - especially for students at the seminar level - to introduce them to the use of a scientific library.

Our event

  • is adapted to the individual topic of the seminar
  • presents the structure of the library, its use, the search in the online catalogue and interlibrary loans
  • is characterized by a strong practical orientation and by the alternation of theory and practice, which encourages students to participate
  • can be flexibly adjusted from the date to the lesson times
  • lasts 90 minutes
  • can be combined with offers from the student advisory service if desired.

In 2012, 2014, 2016-2018 and 2018-2020, the library received the "Libraries - Partners of Schools" seal of quality, which is awarded to public and academic libraries that work particularly intensively and exemplarily with schools. Further information can be found here.

Please use the form (German) to make an appointment.

Library introductions for students

At the beginning of each semester, the library offers introductions to the use of the library for all freshmen. During these events, the CampusCard of the students is activated for library use.

Training sessions

In addition to library tours, we also offer introductions to special areas of library use (OPAC, databases, etc.) as well as introductions to scientific work.

The library team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our training courses and to arrange appointments.

Cooperation LUISE

Since October 2011, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences has been cooperating exclusively with the Ansbach State Technical College and Vocational College to strengthen the information competence of its students.

On Friday, September 9, 2011, the cooperation agreement LUISE (German) was signed by the former university president Prof. Dr. Gerhard Mammen and the former head of the FOS/BOS Ansbach, Dr. Heinz Stadelmann. LUISE is a unique cooperation in Bavaria. In contrast to the usual selective training of pupils, from the school year 2011/12 all pupils of the 12th and 13th classes FOS/BOS Ansbach will receive qualified training measures through the library of the university.

The pupils thus have the exclusive opportunity to learn basic techniques for obtaining information from scientific sources. In this way they can expand their research techniques and the ability to write written work.
The training measures themselves are carried out in a modular structure.

LUISE is derived from the acquisition of the following skills.

L Learn to learn

Using exemplary examples, the pupils develop basic and transferable skills for self-directed information retrieval. 

U Prove independence

Pupils can distinguish between interest-driven information offers and objectively tested scientific information and prepare information. 

I Internet mastery

Far beyond the everyday use of websites such as Google or Wikipedia, students learn about scientific resources, e.g. in subject databases, and experience the difference between Surface Web and Deep Web.

S Develop strategies

In a constantly changing world of information, the understanding of basic strategies of information acquisition enables the transfer to ever new questions. 

E Gain experience

The transition from school to university is facilitated by active work in a scientific library. In class, the pupils acquire skills which they can use immediately in a subsequent course of study.