Guided tours and training courses

Moodle course "Search, write and cite"

In this self-study course, you will find tips and information about writing a thesis or a scientific paper. Topics include searching and finding, citing, Zotero, and relevant library services.

Library introductions for students

At the beginning of each semester, the library offers introductions to the use of the library for all freshmen. Participation is mandatory for the activation of your CampusCard for library use.

Consultations, training sessions

The regular training offer is in German language.

Please feel free to email us with specific questions about research, Zotero, or citation issues. The library team will be happy to help. We can also schedule a consultation.
If interested, enroll in the Moodle course "Einzelberatungen zur Abschlussarbeit" to see available dates and book a consultation appointment. Consultations take place online or in the library, duration is tailored to meet individual requirements, usually 30 to 45 minutes.

For groups of at least 5 people, we can organise a training session on a topic as described above.