The start of the semester is just around the corner and your studies at UAS Ansbach will begin soon.

Have you thought of everything?

On the following pages, we have summarised the most important information for the beginning of your studies so that you can find your way around.


Orientation days

The International Student Advisory Service will organise orientation days for the coming winter semester 2021/22 in order to contribute to a successful start to studies for all foreign first-year students. The winter semester starts on October 1st and the orientation days will probably take place in the last week of September. You will find more information on our website later.

The orientation days are not compulsory but participation is recommended. During these days, you will have the opportunity to make first friends, learn more about the city and the university, and receive valuable tips on studying, working and student life.

In addition, the student council at UAS Ansbach organises orientation events for all first-year students every year at the beginning of the winter semester. You are cordially invited to take part in these events as well. You will find more information later on our website or on the student council's website:

Campus and route map

What else do I have to do?

  • Check your health insurance coverage and take out statutory health insurance, if necessary. You can find more information and addresses of local health insurance companies here
  • Register your flat at the Citizens' Office within the first two weeks after your arrival. For that, you need the signed confirmation of accommodation provider as well as your passport / identity card. You can find more information as well as contact details and address here
  • Make an appointment at the Immigration Office, if necessary (especially relevant for students who require a visa). You can find more information as well as contact details and address here
  • Register your flat for the license fee for radio and television. If you live in a shared flat (WG), find out more about the fees from your flat mates. You can also find more information on this topic here
  • Open a bank account (= Girokonto) if you have not already done so because of your blocked account (for students who require a visa). There are often student discounts. (Important: You can only open a bank account after you have registered at the Citizens' Office)
  • You can also make a mobile phone contract or buy a prepaid SIM card. There are many cell phone providers. This also applies to an internet contract.


Central Facilities

Campus Center


Other Facilities



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