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BAföG counselling

The next BAföG consultations will take place on the campus of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences as follows:
08.05.2023 from 13:15-14:45 in room 53.1.7
No appointment is necessary for counselling.



The Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg (office Erlangen) is responsible for the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.

Information on BAföG can be found here: Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg.

All forms and general information can also be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and the Arts.

Proof of performance

From the 5th semester onwards, educational support is only provided from the time when the student submits a certificate from the university (Form 5: Leistungsbescheinigung nach § 48 BAföG). This can only be issued by the Student Service after the grades from the 4th semester have been received. This certifies that the student has performed the usual services by the end of the respective semester if the course of study is in order.

You can obtain Form 5: Leistungsbescheinigung nach § 48 BAföG online from the Studentenwerk.

You enter the header data and your grant number and send the completed form, also in electronic form if you wish, to the Student Services.

Your certificate of achievement will be assessed positively if you have achieved 100% of the examination results (30 ECTS points per semester), i.e. 120 ECTS points after 4 semesters.

Deviating from this, your certificate will also be assessed positively if you have achieved at least 85 ECTS points at the end of the fourth semester - this is the maximum lower limit.

If you need the certificate of achievement for a subject semester other than the end of the 4th semester, it can be issued positively if you have received it by the end of the 4th semester.

  • fifth semester at least 105 ECTS points
  • sixth semester at least 125 ECTS points

have been achieved.

If your performance certificate is assessed negatively, no BAföG will initially be paid, but you have the option of issuing a new performance certificate in accordance with § 48 BAföG.

Continued support can be assessed positively if you have completed your studies by the end of the

  • fifth semester at least 105 ECTS points
  • sixth semester at least 125 ECTS points

have been achieved.

BAföG Repayment

Important information on the repayment obligation and the BAföG partial waiver can be found here, for example:

Internetseiten des Bundesverwaltungsamtes

Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

Loan Fund of Bayerische Studentenwerke e.V.

The Darlehenskasse der Bayerischen Studentenwerke e.V. grants long-term, low-interest loans to needy students to help them prepare for their exams (e.g. when BAföG benefits are no longer available) and to enable them to successfully complete their studies.

Student finance

You can find information on student financing >>here<<.

Support services in times of crisis

You can find counselling services >>here<< and information about studying with a handicap >>here<<.

Pregnant student

Information on leave of absence can be found above.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding during your studies, you should inform the university in accordance with § 15 Paragraph 1 MuSchG.

Please contact the Office for Family Affairs, Equal Opportunities and Diversity for notification and further information.

During the internship semester, the notification should also be made to the internship location as the employer within the meaning of the Maternity Protection Act. For data protection reasons, the notification to the internship office cannot be made by the university, but only by yourself.

After your notification of pregnancy or breastfeeding, the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences or your internship agency can take the specific protective measures that may be required for you, depending on the course of study.