Everything about starting your studies

Whether you are interested in a Bachelor's, Master's or part-time degree programme - here you will find the most important information for a successful start to your studies.

All application options and deadlines for the next semester can be found in our online application portal.



Enrolment and CampusCard

You only become a member of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and gain student status through matriculation (= enrolment).

If you are allocated a place at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a notification of admission. This notification will tell you by when you can enrol online.

If the documents are not complete, enrolment cannot take place.

You can apply for enrolment online until September for the winter semester or the beginning of March for the summer semester. For further details, please refer to the notification of admission and the online applicant portal.

The electronic matriculation certificate is available from the start of the semester in your university account (student portal). The access data for your university account will be provided electronically after enrolment, usually by e-mail, before the start of the semester. Your previous application account will be deactivated shortly after the start of the semester.


You will receive your Campuscard at the start of the semester. You will find more information in the admission letter or in the IT Service Portal.



Tuition fees

There are no tuition fees (i.e. 0 €) for our undergraduate Bachelor's degree programmes and advanced Master's degree programmes.

The part-time Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes are an exception. Fees are charged at Bavarian universities for part-time studies. These are calculated in such a way that they cover the additional costs arising from the special form of organisation. The fees therefore vary from degree programme to degree programme.

For studies at the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, the student services fee of 72 € must be paid each semester.

With the fees the „Studierendenwerk“ finances the hall of residence, the refectory and counselling services.

You will find out when and how you have to pay the amount in the notification of admission.


Refund of fees

If you have paid fees and decide against enrolment or withdraw your enrolment before the start of the semester, we will automatically refund the fees.

If you are enrolled at the beginning of the semester (01.10. or 15.03.), a refund is no longer possible.


Study financing

"Study now - pay later" :Information on the Bavarian tuition fee loan (Studienbeitragsdarlehen) can be found in the Flyer (German) or on the page of the Bayerischen Staatsministeriums für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst.


Here you can find the current student loan test: https://www.che.de/en/

You can obtain information on BAföG from the Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg (German).


Other financing options (German):

You can find an overview of scholarships on the page Student Advisory Service.

Monetos iis an independent portal with information on a wide range of products from the European financial sector. On Finanzcheck you can compare the credit offers of different providers.

Bildungsfonds is a bank-independent interest-free promotion. After graduation, a fixed share of the gross income is paid into the fund.

Bildungskredit is aimed at German students who have passed their intermediate examination, Master's students and trainees under the age of 36.

Aufstiegsstipendium is aimed at students who have already completed an apprenticeship particularly successfully (grade point average 1.9) and can demonstrate two years of professional experience.

Stipendium Plus: Support for gifted students who are above average, committed and motivated.

On the platform mystipendium.de you can find the right study and study abroad financing from over 1240 funding offers.

The Loan Fund of the Bavarian Student Unions awards low-interest Studienabschlussdarlehen to needy students.

The festo-bildungsfonds is aimed at technical and engineering students.

Deutsche Bildung as a company, supports students of all disciplines with customised funding and an online and event offering.

BAFÖG-Bankdarlehen supports students under 30 years of age after the standard period of study has expired or in the event of an extension of studies.

At finanzier-dein-studium.de you will find bundled information on the topic of financing your studies.


Ask your bank for a financing offer!


Information on financing a stay abroad can be found on the pages of the International Office.


The Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg (Erlangen office) is responsible for the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.

You can find information on BAföG here: Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg.

BAföG applications can now also be submitted online; there is a separate website for this purpose: www.bafoeg-bayern.de

The dates of the BAföG counselling will be announced here.

You can also find information on BAföG at: https://www.schnellkreditcheck.de/bafoeg-ratgeber

Living in Ansbach

The student residence of the Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg is located directly on campus. You can find out about the details here (German):

Studentenwohnheim Ansbach (Ansbach Student Residence)

Mietpreise und Kaution (Rental prices and deposit)

You can also find many flat annotations here:

Fränkische Landeszeitung/Woche im Blick

It is also worth taking a look at the notice in our refectory. You might find the right flat-share there.

Semester ticket

When will the discounted Deutschlandticket for students be available?
The ticket is expected to be available from mid-September for the winter semester 2023/24 with validity from 1 October.

Where and how can I purchase the ticket?
The ticket is only available online.
At https://meinabo.vag.de/ you will find the button for applying for the discounted Deutschlandticket for students.

Do I have to submit documents/proof from the university for the ticket?
No, you do not need to fill out any forms or present any certificates.
You can only purchase the ticket if you are registered as a student in the campus management system for the relevant semester.
Your student status is automatically and electronically verified by the VAG when you purchase a ticket.

The following applies to first-year students:
You must already be fully enrolled and the student account must be activated. Accounts are created two weeks before the start of the semester.
You will receive an e-mail reminder to set a password for the account and to apply for the CampusCard and the discounted Deutschlandticket.


Attending lectures as a guest

If you are interested in attending individual lectures, you can also attend them as a guest for one semester at a time. Participation is only possible in degree programmes without admission restrictions if places are still available. Please note that regular students have priority.

Participation is subject to a fee. It is not possible to obtain certificates or take examinations.

The respective module coordinators decide whether you can attend lectures in certain modules. Attending a lecture on a trial basis is only possible after consultation with the module coordinators.

If you have any questions or need to find the right contact person or module coordinator, please contact the General Student Advisory Service.

If you are interested in language courses, please contact the Language Centre directly.

Application documents
As soon as you have received confirmation that you are eligible to participate, you can submit your application (German).


University entrance qualification

Do I have the right to study at a university (HZB)?
General information on university admission can be found on the website of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts.

Admission restriction, marginal grade and NC

What does admission restriction mean?

This means that only a limited number of places are available for a degree programme. If more prospective students apply than there are places available, a selection procedure takes place. 

What is the marginal grade?

Places on degree programmes with restricted admission are awarded on the basis of the best average grade of the university entrance qualification. There is therefore no NC. The marginal grades with which you can still obtain a place at university vary each year. It is therefore not possible to reliably predict whether your grade will be sufficient for the allocation of a study place. You can see your ranking in the Hochschulstart portal during the admission procedure.


What is the DOSV?

The Dialogue-oriented Service Procedure (DoSV) is carried out by Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (german). The procedure coordinates the application process for degree programmes with restricted admission. The procedure is intended to avoid vacant study places. Further information can be found under the link "For prospective students" and at www.hochschulstart.de.

Application with a foreign certificate

Can I study in Germany with my foreign school leaving certificate?

We work together with uniassist.de for the recognition of certificates. There you can apply for a preliminary examination in good time. This is subject to a fee.

You can find further information under "For prospective students - foreign students". 

Application for a higher semester

How many ECTS points do I need to be admitted to the higher study semester?

You can find all the information under the link Application for Bachelor's degree programmes.

Student Services Fee

The student services fee must be transferred.

You will find the amount and further details in the notification of admission. Only when we have received your payment we can finally enrol you. You can find further information under Contributions.

Application for several degree programmes

Can I apply for more than one degree programme?

Yes, it is possible to apply more than once. To do so, select the degree programme you would like to apply for. However, a maximum of 12 applications are possible for degree programmes with restricted admission. In principle, enrolment is only possible in one degree programme.

Missed Application Deadline and lottery

I missed the application deadline, what can I still do? What is the lottery?

You can no longer be admitted to the current procedure. You now have to wait and see if there are still places available at the end of the main admission phase. If study places for our degree programmes with restricted admissions are available you can participate the lottery via hochschulstart.de. Information on the procedure can be found here: www.hochschulstart.de. Furthermore, remaining study places are published on hochschulkompass.de.

Submission of application documents and work samples

Do I have to send documents by post?

No documents need to be sent by post. The application is made online. You can submit the supporting documents electronically in the application portal. If you have any questions, we reserve the right to inspect the originals. However, you will be contacted by us for this purpose.

How do I know whether my documents are complete or have been accepted?

You will find out which documents you need to upload when you apply online. Please do not submit any documents by post. Please check carefully whether your documents are complete using the instructions in the online application portal. You will receive information on whether documents have been accepted via the application status or in the document upload of the online application portal.

Should I also submit work samples with my application?

No, work samples, such as articles, photos, CDs or portfolios, are not screened and have no influence on the allocation of places. Please save these costs.

Health insurance

Which health insurance documents are required?

Ansbach University of Applied Sciences participates in the electronic registration procedure. You can find more information on health insurance for Bachelor's degree programmes here and for Master's degree programmes here.

Notifications on the status of proceedings

How do I find out about the status of the procedure and whether my application has arrived? Why don't I receive an email?

You will receive all information from us in the online application portal (applicant status) of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. You will not always receive an electronic message about this. Therefore, please check the portal regularly. In the case of an application for a restricted-admission degree programme, you will receive parallel information by e-mail from Hochschulstart.de. Therefore, it is important that you provide a valid e-mail address when applying online.

PDF Confirmation and notification of admission

What should I do with the PDF confirmation from the online application?

You do not need to do anything else with it. Please save the confirmation as proof for your documents (e.g. for submission to the Family Benefits Office).

What do I do with the notification of admission?

Keep the notification of admission in a safe place, as you may need it as proof, e.g. for the authorities. The university cannot provide a duplicate. The documents may be deleted after the legal retention period has expired.

Rejection of application documents (e.g. certificate)

Why is a document rejected online?

Rejected documents always contain a reason, e.g. if an incorrect document was submitted. The reason is stored under the question mark in the document upload of the application portal.

Submission of documents after application

Can documents still be uploaded to the application portal after I have submitted my application?

You can send your application and submit the necessary documents later. However, please note the deadlines by which the documents must be submitted to the university.

Errors in the online application

I have sent my online application, but now I can no longer access the data?

On the application overview, you can call up your application again as a PDF file. Data can no longer be changed at this point. Contact us for Bachelor's degree programmes at bewerbung.bachelor(at)hs-ansbach.de, for Master's degree programmes at bewerbung.master(at)hs-ansbach.de.

How do I correct incorrect information or uploaded documents?

As long as you have not yet sent your application, you can change your details/documents yourself. If you still find errors after sending your application, please inform us. Please do not send us any documents, but inform us of the incorrect data/documents. Documents must be uploaded again by you after rejection. Contact us for Bachelor's degree programmes at bewerbung.bachelor(at)hs-ansbach.de, for Master's degree programmes at bewerbung.master(at)hs-ansbach.de.

I cannot upload my documents/pictures.

Make sure that the documents/images have the prescribed file formats (PDF or JPG) and that the permitted file sizes (max. 6MB) have not been exceeded. Alternatively, please try using a different browser.

Decline or return a place of study

What do I have to do if I do not want to take up my studies?

In this case, please do not apply for enrolment. In the case of degree programmes with restricted admissions, please observe the requirements of hochschulstart.de. If you have already applied for enrolment or are already enrolled, you may be able to return your enrolment under certain conditions. Please contact the Student Services.


How does enrolment take place and what do I have to pay attention to?

Enrolment (registration) takes place online. You can apply for enrolment via the corresponding button in the online application portal of the university. Please pay attention to the binding deadlines. Check whether all documents have been submitted. If all documents are complete, the fees have been paid and the enrolment requirements have been met, the university will carry out the final enrolment. You will receive an electronic confirmation of this. Please note that you can only enrol for one degree programme. You can find further information under Enrolment and Campuscard.