Study overview

The technology of the TV studio

The television studio allows a variety of technical image and sound processing. In the conventional studio area, for example, interview scenes, announcements and dubbing can be realised. In the blue box area (studio with a hollow groove), virtual 3D backgrounds can be faded into the live image. This allows you to create complex film backgrounds at low cost. Thus advertising films, trailers, image videos up to video clips for the music scene, in addition, training videos can be realized professionally.

The work areas in the studio and control room are subdivided. They contain the following digital equipment: cameras with mobile tripod, picture mixer with 2-channel DVE, 40-channel sound mixer, video editing system, DVCAM tape machines, character generator, 8-track data recorder, hard disk recorder, radio microphones, lighting desk and lighting stage. The television studio was expanded with the new virtual technology from Orad.