The newsletter of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences (German)

The Ansbach University of Applied Sciences opens its virtual doors and presents its own newsletter from the summer semester 2013.
We will keep you up to date on current projects, events and developments at the university, on campus and much more.

Newsletter 12 - summer semester 2019
Newsletter 11 - summer semester 2018
Newsletter 10 - winter semester 2017/2018
Newsletter 09 - summer semester 2017
Newsletter 08 - winter semester 2016/2017
Newsletter 07 - summer semester 2016
Newsletter 06 - winter semester 2015/2016
Newsletter 05 - summer semester 2015
Newsletter 04 - winter semester 2014/2015
Newsletter 03 - summer semester 2014
Newsletter 02 - winter semester 2013/2014
Newsletter 01 - summer semester 2013

The President's Annual Report (German)

The President of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Ute Ambrosius, presents her annual report every year.

Annual report 2018
Annual report 2017
Annual report 2016: Commemorative publication on the occasion of the 20th anniversary
Annual report 2015
Annual report 2014
Annual report 2013

The President's report (German)

This report, which covers the period from March 1996 to September 2003, deals with the development of the university from the beginning and the term of office of the founding president Prof. Prof. h.c. mult. Dr. h.c. Bernhard Krämer in retrospect.

The president´s report 1996-2003

The research report of the university (German)

With the "Report on Applied Research, Innovation and Transfer 2013", the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences presented its first research report.

Research report 2013