The Staff Council of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences represents the interests of all employees and civil servants. It is elected for five years and consists of seven members. If you would like to contact the Staff Council, you can send us an e-mail at personalrat(at) All members of the staff council receive these e-mails equally. If you would like to contact only one member of the Staff Council, you will find all the necessary contact details on the respective profile page.

The Staff Council represents all employees from the group of employees, civil servants and other non-scientific employees. Professors, research assistants, guest lecturers and part-time staff are excluded. For the exercise of these employee rights, the legislator has given the staff councils certain co-determination, participation and consultation rights in the Bavarian State Personnel Representation Act (BayPVG).

One of the most important tasks of the staff council is to cooperate in a spirit of trust:

  • Monitoring applicable laws and regulations, collective bargaining agreements, service agreements and other provisions granting employees rights
  • Receive and pass on suggestions and complaints from employees
  • Rights of co-determination, participation and consultation, right to information, etc. in the case of: Collective bargaining law (e.g. recruitment and grouping), transfers, transfers, dismissals, changes to employment contracts, planning, design and changes to workplaces and work organisation, determination of work content and scope, changes to job descriptions, working time regulations, measures to prevent accidents at work and at work, health and addiction prevention, data protection

All employees can view the service agreements of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences under Lotus Notes:
File -> Applications -> Open -> (Search in) Notes/FH-Ansbach -> (Folder) Staff Council (is at the end of the list) -> Staff Council Information -> Service Agreements -> Open and read PDF file
If there are changes to existing service agreements or new service agreements, these will be placed in the folder immediately. If you have any questions about the service agreements, the Staff Council and the Human Resources area are at your disposal.  

You can contact