On these pages you will find official announcements of the university from 1 January 2023 and the official publication of the university statutes in chronological overview, a (non-official) thematic overview of the university statutes, laws requiring posting or publication as well as other announcements and publications of the university (e.g. announcements regarding public procurement law etc.).

As of 1 January 2023, the University's Statutes of Announcement of 15 December 2022 shall apply to the laying down, announcement (German) of the laying down and official publication of the University's Statutes.

You can find the announcement of the laying down of the statutes from 1 January 2023 here.

The official publication of the statutes can be found here .

Statutes from the years from the foundation of the University of Applied Sciences on 1 May 1996 up to and including 2004 are published in the Official Gazette of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts (KWMBl II).

The publication of statutes of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences from 2005 onwards can be found here in chronological order.

For the official publication of university statutes from the year 2005 until 31 December 2022, the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences had established the following procedure:
In accordance with § 2 of the Ordinance on the Publication of University Statutes, a statute was published by laying it down. The articles were deposited in the secretary's office of the university management (room 65.1.8) and could be inspected there during general opening hours. The announcement of the deposit was posted on the ground floor of Building 65.
In addition, the statutes were published on the website of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.


For better clarity the statutes are also offered thematically arranged.  

For the sake of better readability on the Internet, the thematic overview may also include a version in which the new provisions have been incorporated into the text of the last valid statutes (= unofficial consolidated complete edition).

However, this version is not legally binding