In the photovoltaics laboratory, students experiment with different types of photovoltaic modules and simulate faults and damage. Various inverters allow the construction and analysis of a complete PV generator in operation. The laboratory is supplemented by a group licence of the PVSOL design software. The aim of the laboratory tests is to deepen the theoretical understanding and build up methodological competence with regard to the design of PV systems.

Study programmesAIW, EMT, Summer School
Contact personsProf. Dr. Ing. Rosenbauer (Laboratory management)

Laboratory equipment

  • Various PV modules
  • Various module inverters
  • Experimental PV inverter with internal measurement taps
  • Indoor sun simulators
  • Electronic loads
  • Multimeter
  • Oscilloscope
  • Temperature measurement
  • Various irradiation sensors
  • Industrial characteristic curve measuring device
  • Apparatus for photo-optical shading prediction
  • Group license PVSOL