In the molecular biology laboratory, various molecular biology techniques are used, for example, to produce genetically modified microorganisms with optimised properties. The equipment therefore includes modern laboratory devices with which DNA can be amplified, analysed and introduced into microorganisms. DNA is amplified using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), for which a thermal cycler with gradient function is available in the laboratory. For the subsequent DNA analysis, the laboratory is equipped with several gel electrophoresis apparatuses and a compact UV gel documentation system. In addition, the laboratory houses a capillary sequencer for the automated identification of DNA sequences and a real-time PCR device used for the quantitative analysis of gene expression.

The second area covers the training of students in applied bioanalytics. For antibody-based diagnostics, a microtitre plate reader is available, among other things, with which enzyme-linked immunoassays can be carried out. In addition, several protein gel electrophoresis and Western blotting apparatuses are available in the laboratory. A gel documentation system with CCD camera is available for the detection of chemiluminescence signals in western blotting.

A class 2 sterile bench as well as a CO2 incubator and an inverted microscope are available for teaching cell culture. In addition, a fluorescence microscope enables the localisation of proteins in the cell by means of immunofluorescence labelling. The laboratory also has a fluorescence reader for 96-well and 384-well applications, which can be used to perform cell-based assays.

The Molecular Biology Laboratory meets the requirements of safety level S1 according to GenTSV.

Study programmesIBT, BMT
Contact personsProf. Dr. Annette Martin (Laboratory management)
Katja Frohnapfel


Laboratory equipment

  • Twelve workstations (two students each)
  • Six workstations under the fume cupboard
  • Thermal cycler with gradient function
  • Thermal cycler without gradient function
  • Real-time PCR
  • Apparatus for agarose gel electrophoresis
  • Equipment for protein gel electrophoresis and Western blot
  • UV gel documentation system
  • Chemiluminescence gel documentation system
  • Electroporator for bacterial transformation
  • Capillary sequencer
  • Microplate reader
  • Fluorescence reader
  • Class 2 sterile bench
  • CO2 incubator
  • Inverted microscope
  • Fluorescence microscope
  • Six centrifuges
  • Two autoclaves
  • Freezers -80°C and -20°C
  • Water bath
  • Ice machine
  • Bacteria incubator
  • Shaking incubator for bacteria cultivation
  • Drying cabinet