Students learn how to handle microcontrollers and their application in technology. The equipment is mobile and can be used in any laboratory or PC pool. The required software such as the Arduino IDE is installed in the PC pools. In addition, the microcontrollers are also accessed for applications from MATLAB and LABVIEW.

IoT (Internet of Things) applications are an important application. Together with Raspberry Pis which serve as servers, local IoT applications can be realized in which several student groups connect their Arduinos and Raspberries via wireless networks.

The Arduino and Raspberry PI platforms were chosen because they are inexpensive and can be purchased by the students themselves. The development environment is also available as free software. Students can use it to realize their own projects.

Study programmesAIW, EMT, APR, IPM
Contact personsProf. Dr. Moog (Laboratory Manager)


Laboratory equipment

  • Class sets with Arduino Nano IoT and Arduino UNO microcontroller
  • Plug-in boards with accessories
  • Various sensors, actuators and displays
  • Several small robots (e.g. Nibo Burger, Grab IT robot arm)
  • Soldering workstation