In the practical course "materials engineering", students learn how to apply various testing methods for materials by carrying them out independently. The tests include, for example, the determination of typical strength values using the tensile test and impact strength. Further contents of the practical course are the recognition of plastics on the basis of simple tests as well as the determination of the melt flow index of different granulates. By working independently in teams of two and following instructions, students learn to determine and evaluate the characteristic values of materials.



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Laboratory equipment

  • Universal testing machine static 5 kN
  • Universal testing machine static (Zwick type) with hardness testing head
  • Impact bending tester (1 - 4 J)
  • MFI - device
  • Reflected light microscope with image analysis incl. microtome and polishing device for specimen preparation
  • Stereomicroscope with image analysis
  • Ultrasonic testing device
  • Hardness measuring device
  • Color spectrometer (X-Rite type)