In the Materials Analysis and Surface Technology laboratory, students learn to understand chemical processes for applications in the field of energy and industrial raw materials, as well as the material content relationships of material properties, focussing on analytics.

Plasma technology is used for the resource-saving modification of material surfaces. In the practical course, the knowledge acquired in the seminar is clearly deepened through application-orientated experiments.

Study programmesAIW, AKT
Contact personsProf. Reimann


Laboratory equipment

  • Ion chromatograph
  • Gas chromatograph with WLD, FID
  • UV/VIS spectrometer
  • IR spectrometer
  • Low pressure plasma
  • Atmospheric pressure plasma
  • Contact angle measuring device
  • Rotational viscometer
  • Sputter Coater
  • LOI - Oxygen Index Analyser
  • Fermenter
  • Digital microscope
  • Roughness tester
  • Hardness tester
  • Shaking incubator
  • Drying oven
  • Basic equipment