Since simulations in project, bachelor and master theses are very often time-consuming and require high-quality hardware equipment, the HPC (High Performance Computing) laboratory is available for these purposes.

With the help of the Matlab/Simulink software, complex dynamic processes are simulated in project or final theses. Frequently, energy-related questions and tasks from heat transfer are the starting point. Examples for such work are:

  • Simulation of a heat accumulator for the energy supply of floating structures
  • Simulation of the cooling behaviour of a liquid aluminium container

The software Star CCM+ is used for work with the main focus on flow simulation. For more complex tasks in flow simulation with today's standard computer equipment, one quickly reaches the limits in terms of time and memory capacity. In the HPC laboratory, suitable computers are available to carry out even more complex flow simulations. Examples for such work are:

  • numerical simulation of a venturi mixer for stationary gas Otto engines with different gas compositions
  • fluidic investigation of the flue gas paths in a large power plant by simulation model


Study programmes AIW, EMT, APR
Contact personsProf. Dr. Schlüter (Laboratory management)


Laboratory equipment

Laboratory Equipment Hardware

  • 8 Dell workstations
  • NAS system, storage capacity: 3 TB


Laboratory equipment Software

  • Matlab/Simulink/Stateflow for process and event-driven simulation
  • STAR CCM+ for stationary and transient flow simulations