In the Biotechnology/Biotechnikum laboratory, which is assigned to the Industrial Biotechnology (IBT) degree programme, the handling of microorganisms is studied in depth. For this purpose, cultivations (e.g. antibiotic production with streptomyces) are carried out in Erlenmeyer flasks and in state-of-the-art fermenters (bioreactors) of up to 30 litres. In addition to cultivation, the processing of the fermentation broth or microorganisms (downstream processing) is also handled. Modern processes such as high-pressure homogenisers or freeze-drying plants are available for this purpose. Chromatographic purification procedures (affinity or ion chromatography) are a major focus of the students' training in order to learn how to isolate proteins and enzymes. Complete equipment with modern analytical methods (e.g. FPLC) rounds off the teaching offer in this laboratory. The Biotechnology/Biotechnikum laboratory meets the requirements of safety levels L1 according to the Biological Substances Ordinance and genetic engineering safety level S1.


Study programmesIBT
Contact personsProf. Dr. Sibylle Gaisser (laboratory management)
Silke Reimann