The internship consists of examinations of the musculoskeletal system. The practicals also take place at Ansbach Hospital and in medical technology companies. In the experiment "Bone - a composite material", students independently carry out a three-point bend on a thigh bone. The tests of the mechanical properties provide information about the functions of the organic and inorganic phases of a bone. The laboratory also offers project work on the development of new biomaterials for minimally invasive surgery.



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Laboratory equipment

Laboratory at Ansbach Hospital

Students perform a vertebroplasty during the practical course. Vertebroplasty is a new, minimally invasive surgical method for the rehabilitation of osteoporotic vertebral body fractures. You will stabilise vertebral fractures on a dummy using minimally invasive acrylic bone cement. With the help of a C-arm, the test procedure is constantly monitored radiographically.

Laboratory equipment:

  • Ziehm Imaging Vision Vario 3D mobile C-arm
  • Dummy torso
  • Accessories for minimally invasive surgical techniques - vertebroplasty
  • X-ray density of bones and skeletal parts

Excursion DePuy-Synthes

In rehabilitation, students learn about various methods of fracture treatment by "screwing, drilling and sawing" on bone models as part of a "trauma workshop", which many surgeons also attend as part of their training. This part of the internship takes place at the world market leader for osteosynthesis products DePuy Synthes in Switzerland.