The Biochemistry / Microbiology laboratory, which is assigned to the Industrial Biotechnology degree programme, is divided into two sub-labs of the safety levels according to the Biostoff-Verordnung L1 and L2. The L2 laboratory meets the safety requirements with its equipment for learning how to handle pathogenic microorganisms. Practical courses are held in the laboratories in which microorganisms are cultivated and their metabolism is studied. For example, lactic acid bacteria are isolated from food samples and examined for their characteristic properties. The lactic acid produced can be refined into a biodegradable polymer (polylactate), which can replace conventional polymers made from petroleum in many cases and is also used in medicine. Other topics include the investigation of enzymes (e.g. photometry) and their use in technical processes. A complete equipment with modern analytical methods (e.g. photometry) completes the teaching offer in this laboratory. The biochemistry/microbiology laboratory meets the requirements of genetic engineering safety level S1.

Study programmesIBT
Contact personsProf. Dr. Dirk Fabritius (Laboratory management)
Dipl.-Ing. Katrin Köhl