The Faculty of Media has a state-of-the-art radio studio with an editing room and DJ space. All live broadcasts of our campus radio are made from here ( Furthermore, podcasts can be produced here and interviews and discussion rounds can be recorded. A DJ area with two turntables and a mixer is available for DJ sets. The networking of the radio studio with the faculty's recording studio makes it possible to broadcast live performances by bands. Rabbit Radio is a university radio station approved by the Bavarian State Institute for New Media and has its own streaming channel.

Space and acoustic planning:
System house:


Lab equipment

Radio studio:

  • Moderator and co-mod workstation
  • DHD SX2 mixing console
  • MAirList broadcast automation
  • 4x Shure SMB7 microphones
  • AVT telephone hybrid
  • electrically height-adjustable studio table
  • Dante connection to the entire campus

Editing room:

  • DHD TX mixing console
  • MAirList broadcast automation
  • 1x Shure SMB7 microphones
  • DJ set Denon X1850/SC6000
  • electrically height-adjustable DJ table
  • Editorial workstation

Photo: Caroline Potthoff


Studio managementProf. Dr. Thomas Liesen
Technical studio managerGerald Schauder
Student assistantFelix Wiehler


Awards for radio work

2021 One second place, one third place, and one special award in the „hört!hört”-radio contest
2020 Two first places in the „hört!hört”-radio competition
2019 Bayrischen Landesanstalt für Medien (BLM) radio award in the young talent category