The proportion of photos in all media is growing continuously. Photography as a central imaging method is used in journalism, documentation, advertising and communication. In numerous events of the different study courses all questions of photography are treated. Technical, journalistic and aesthetic problems are dealt with analytically. Experimental and practical studies can be carried out in the photo studio. A large pool of cameras, lenses, flashguns and mobile studio flashguns enable the students to intensively deal with photographic problems outside the university grounds.

Portrait Photography: Self-staging and CloseUp

Photos: Lise Weixelbaum, Isabell Schlecht, Anna Füg, Esther Thiel, Estelle Teko, Amelie Schulz and Andrea Dörr


Action sculpture, an everyday object is depicted in its function or as a sculpture.

Photo: Bettina Schmausser


Staging nature through technology

Photo: Jürgen Gräf