In the course of an academic year at Ansbach University many different events take place which are aimed at very different target groups. Many events are held in cooperation with companies, associations or federations. The university understands its educational mission as a social mission. For this reason, too, we are delighted to be the host or initiator of many interesting and stimulating events.

Public lecture series „CampusColleg”

In the public lecture series "CampusColleg" we offer topics from economy, science and society for students as well as for the interested public.

Attendance is free of charge and registration is not required.

Here you will find detailed information about the lectures.

Doctoral seminar

The doctoral seminar at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences offers young scientists the opportunity to gain insights into current and interdisciplinary research projects of all faculties. Within this framework, doctoral students present their studies to an academic audience. The focus of the seminar is the discussion of the research question of the respective doctoral project (generation of hypotheses), quantitative and qualitative research methods, the development and implementation of research designs, as well as the interpretation of the results of the studies carried out. Regardless of the progress of the respective dissertation, the course is explicitly aimed at all doctoral students (guest lectures outside Ansbach University of Applied Sciences are also welcome). In this way, scientific contacts can be established profitably. The resulting exchange of ideas and experiences should support the doctoral students on their way to a doctorate and ultimately advance their research projects.  The event usually takes place twice per semester.

The doctoral seminar at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences was held for the first time on 28 June 2016. Under the academic direction of Professor Dr. Barbara Hedderich (3rd from left) it was initiated by Dr. Simon Gollisch (1st from left). On November 29, 2016, Dr. Patrick Gröner took over the organization (and successfully completed his doctorate on July 10, 2018). From November 13, 2018 to January 26, 2020 Ms. M.A. Julia Schrandt was responsible for the organization of the doctoral seminar.

If you have any questions regarding the organization and the course of the doctoral seminar, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Barbara Hedderich.

Here you will find an overview of all previous events.

Academic celebrations

The university celebrates prize winners and special achievements with an academic evening. The President's Annual Report will be accompanied by a lecture on a variety of current topics. Participation by invitation.


2018 Prof.Dr. Elmar Forster
2017 Prof. Dr. Barbara Städtler-Mach (President of the Evangelical University of Nuremberg)
2016 Prof. Dr. Astrid Szebel-Habig (Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Law)
2015 Prof. Dr. Frank Ziegele Managing Director of CHE (Center for Higher Education Development, Gütersloh)
2014 Former Minister of State Dr. Thomas Goppel, MdL
2013 Dr Ingo Friedrich, former Vice-President of the European Parliament and President of the European Economic Senate

For the start of the winter semester, the university invites all freshmen to a lively celebration with welcome, film and music in the Onoldie Hall of the city of Ansbach.

Events for women and girls

The range of events for girls and women can be found on the pages of the Family and Women's Office.

Among others, the following events are offered:

  • Mentoring programme ANke
  • Women researchers camp
  • Girl's Day´

MINT Events

In the field of MINT (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology), we put together suitable events for school classes in consultation with the responsible teacher, such as laboratory tours, taster lectures, experiments in the laboratory and taster study days.
If you have any questions about our MINT events for students, teachers and other interested parties, please send an email to: mint[at]


Practice days

Practice days are "hands-on days" - take advantage of the opportunity to get to know companies and make valuable contacts for your career.

An offer for students!
You as a student should get additional opportunities to get to know many companies, to build up your personal network and to get a further insight into the practice. Through the cooperation, a varied program can be offered.

The offers of the companies are manifold:

  • Take a look over the shoulder of an engineer or computer scientist during the working day.
  • Let yourself be guided through the company and then talk to company representatives about the possibilities of a professional career.
  • Deepen your knowledge of the industry by attending lectures given by the companies.

Use the practice days for your career!

Build up your own company network and make suitable contacts for your practical semester, your bachelor or master thesis or get to know potential employers!
Don't hesitate, secure your place early. As soon as registration is possible, students of Ansbach University will receive an information mail. Registration takes place directly with the companies.
The current catalogue with company offers will be available here from the beginning of 2018.

*Legal information on visiting the practice days in the companies:
Visits to and activities in companies within the framework of or in connection with the practice days are exclusively on a voluntary basis based on the sole decision of the participants; they are not teaching or study events and are not any other university events of your faculty or the university as a whole.
The university is not involved in or responsible for the agreement, implementation or other handling of such visits or activities.
We would therefore like to draw your attention to the fact that only you yourself as a participant have to bear the risk of an accident which exists or arises as a result of or in connection with your voluntary visits to or activities in companies within the framework of the practice days, or have to take care of sufficient private insurance cover yourself.

Benefit as a company!

The cooperation offers companies in the region the opportunity to get to know students and graduates of universities in Bavaria.

The practice days also bring many advantages for you as a company:

  • Your direct commitment to your target group will strengthen your employer image.
  • You make direct contact with your employees and managers of tomorrow.
  • Career Services takes care of the organisation, you simply receive the student registrations and organise your practice day according to your wishes.
  • Participation is free of charge.

What the practice days are, what to do for you and how we advertise the practice days can be found in the>> project description (German) <<.


Who organizes the practice days for you?

The practice days are the product of the union of the Career service of 13 Bavarian universities, university Ansbach, OTH Amberg-Weiden, Augsburg, Coburg, yard, Evang. university Nuremberg, Kempten, Landshut, Munich, OTH Regensburg, rose home, peppering castle pig ford and the TH Nuremberg.
Together with companies, interactive days for students are organised, which take place directly in the company and can therefore be carried out very close to the company. Students can get to know twelve companies in twelve days.

Review of past events

Try Studying - Trial Study Day on 8 March 2016
The course of studies "Applied Engineering Sciences" has invited pupils of the upper secondary school to get a taste of lecture hall air at the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. A total of 47 pupils from the three Ansbach grammar schools will experience the lecture atmosphere in the lecture hall for the first time on this day. Since, in contrast to universities of applied sciences, the practical part of an engineering degree course is very high, the students can give a lecture on the study course and university, carry out experiments on photovoltaics (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Rosenbauer) and physics (Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Torsten Schmidt), get to know working with a scanning electron microscope (Prof. Dr. Hans-Achim Reimann) and attend a project seminar on wind energy (Prof. M.Sc. Stefan Weiherer).   From the point of view of Prof. Dr. Astrid von Blumenthal and her colleagues with their research teams, this taster study day is an ideal opportunity for young people to focus on the practice-oriented degree course "Applied Engineering Sciences" and the attractive professional field of an engineer.

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