Welcome to the pages of the Women's Office!

As a Bavarian university, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences is committed to the guiding principle of equal rights for women and men. Increasing the proportion of women at all levels of academia is a declared goal of the university. The Women's Office supports the university in this endeavor.

It is the contact point for all questions and problems of female students, professors and female teaching staff that may arise in connection with working or studying at the university. Whether it is a question of childcare, career planning or even cases of discrimination in everyday life at the university: contact the Women's Office.

The Women's Office is run by the university's Women's Representative and her team.

Non-academic female employees and all male members of the university are supported by the Equal Opportunity Officer.


Tasks of Women's Representatives

”The women's representatives ensure that disadvantages for female scientists, female teachers and students are avoided; they support the university in fulfilling its task of promoting equal rights for women and men and working towards the elimination of existing disadvantages...".

The women's representatives advise and support the university in the following matters

    Establishment of equal opportunities as required by constitutional law, and
    avoidance or elimination of disadvantages for female students, professors and female teachers

The women's representatives

  • represent women's interests in all university committees,
  • are working to increase the proportion of women in professorships,
  • provide information about funding opportunities for female students,
  • provide information on women's career prospects,
  • organise events to teach and train female students in specific core skills and qualifications,
  • support and promote women-specific topics in teaching and practice,
  • advise on discrimination and violence against women.

At the Universities of Applied Sciences in Bavaria, female professors, sometimes also professors, are usually active as women's representatives. The women's representatives are elected for this office and perform their duties within the framework of their official duties.

The Women's Representatives of the Bavarian Universities of Applied Sciences coordinate their activities at state level; in the State Conference of Women's and Equal Opportunities Representatives they work together with the representatives of all types of Bavarian universities.

Gender Issues

Information on gender justice
Despite an increase in the proportion of women employed in business and higher education, top positions are still frequently filled by male applicants. On the other hand, men are clearly under-represented in certain sectors such as education, social pedagogy and linguistics. Information on background and causes can be found here:

For further information on gender equality in society and politics, please click here:

Gender 2020
The GENDER 2020 project aims to develop gender-equitable control and action options to promote cultural change. This goal will be achieved by pooling and reflecting the knowledge and experience of experts from gender and university research, science organisations and policy, and gender equality practice.

Women in science and research
The Online-Plattform und Datenbank CEWSwiki des Kompetenzzentrums Frauen in Wissenschaft und Forschung CEWS documents ongoing and completed research projects in the field of "Women in Science and Research" in the German-speaking areas.

Search here using the project search or navigate in the following lists

Pay differentials between women and men
You will find further information on the subject of "Pay differentials between women and men" here:

Career advancement

As part of our career development programme for women, which is aimed at schoolgirls, students and women with university degrees and professional experience, we make an active contribution to supporting women sustainably and effectively on their path to university, professional life or an academic career.
The BayernMentoringPromotionsstipendien Qualifizierungsprogramm „rein-in-die-hörsäle“  are the three pillars of our career development programme, which focus on the different phases of women's lives. The flyer (German) gives you an overview.

Doctoral Scholarships
Within the framework of the support programme, two different doctoral scholarships are offered, which require different qualifications. Either the applicants have already completed their studies at a university of applied sciences or at a university and relevant professional experience of at least 5 years, or they have completed a HAW university course of study and would like to gain a doctorate immediately afterwards. The duration of both doctoral scholarships is usually two years. There is also a qualification scholarship, which is aimed at women who have completed a diploma at a university of applied sciences/technical college and who wish to gain further qualifications in order to gain admission to a doctorate.
The scholarships are awarded once a year.
The closing date for applications is always 1 February of each year!
Further information can be found at

Qualification program "rein-in-die-hörsäle"
With the qualification programme "rein-in-die-hörsäle" LaKoF Bayern/HAW supports in particular, qualified women with a university degree who are aiming for a career as a university professor. The programme is aimed at women who already have the qualifications required for an appointment or who will acquire them in the foreseeable future (see: Appointment requirements).

"rein-in-die-hörsäle" supports you when you need it:

  • you are interested in a professorship at a higher education institution
  • you want to know more about the profession of a professor at a university?
  • you want to take on a teaching assignment at a university in Bavaria
  • you want to assess your personal chances for a career at the university

Find out more here: www.lakof-bayern.de/foerderung/HAW/qualifizierungsprogramm

Further funding opportunities:

    You can find support and scholarships for Christian students with and without disabilities at www.hildegardis-verein.de 
    Financial support for single mothers in the final phase of their studies www.lakof-bayern.de/foerderung/madame-courage
    Information about scholarships specific to women even during their studies (!) can be found on the following website: www.hs-ansbach.de/service/career_service/stipendien_stiftungen.html oder www.hm.edu/allgemein/hochschule_muenchen/zentrale_services/studienberatung_2/foerderung_und_finanzierung/index.de.html


A total of 1890 tandems participated from 2005 to 2015. 1413 junior mentors and 2555 junior mentees took part in the Bavaria-wide programme from 2009 to 2015. All 17 universities taking part in BayernMentoring present themselves in the BayernMentoring brochure (German) published in September 2015.

Career Kick for girls
The mentoring program "ANke" gives students of all courses of study at Ansbach University the perfect career glaze! "ANke" means gaining knowledge and exchanging experiences at the ANsbach University of Applied Sciences.
Mentoring within the framework of "ANke" is networking with female role models: An experienced, competent and successful woman (mentor) passes on her experience to a younger (mentee) and helps her develop her potential. This career advancement takes place in three stages:

Stage 1 ("ANke Premium")
An experienced, competent and successful specialist from industry (mentor) passes on her experience to a student from the 3rd semester (mentee).
Goals: Passing on and imparting knowledge, advice and exchange of experience, support and motivation, career network and contact mediation, introduction to professional life.

Click here to register: https://bayernmentoring.matorixmatch.com (German)

Instructions for mentors (German)

Instructions for female students (German)

Stage 2 ("ANke at start")
An advanced student advises students from the first semesters.
Goals: Support in setting up the course of studies, passing on one's own experiences, motivation and crisis management.

Click here to register: https://bayernmentoring.matorixmatch.com (German)

Instructions for female students (German)

Level 3 ("ANke goes to school")
Support and supervision of female pupils in technical and scientific subjects by female students at the university within the framework of cooperation between the university and secondary schools.


Stydy with children

Ansbach University of Applied Sciences would like to support parents who are studying so that study and family can be more easily combined.

Information on how to combine studies and family can also be found on the website of the Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences. In a brochure, you will find easily understandable information on how to access help.

To the webseite of the Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg-Simon-Ohm.

Girls and technology

Girls'Day events at the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences
In 2019, AAnsbach University of Applied Sciences took part in Girls' Day with a range of events:

  • Applied Engineering Sciences / Industrial Engineering
  • Faculty of Engineering / Industrial Biotechnology
  • Departmental Journalism
  • Workshop production engineering / apprenticeship as industrial mechanic
  • Business Informatics: How is an App created?

Girls' Day takes place nationwide. Find out more at www.girls-day.de.


Event preview of the mentoring programs


Mentoring - overcoming hurdles and overcoming difficulties in tandem

In sunny weather, after a long corona break, the final event of the ANke Premium mentoring programme could take place in a personal setting after all. These were two successful evenings, where the goals of the program, such as supporting mentees, seminars and building a career network were discussed. The program lives from its participants and so the joy of community and mutual motivation is not neglected. The ANke mentoring programme of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences supports female students of all courses of study and semesters by imparting knowledge and experience, also within the framework of high-quality seminars, to ensure a successful start to their studies and on their way into the working world.  

We wish you all a restful summer and perhaps you too will be part of the new mentoring round in autumn.




Prof. Tanja Schmidt

Prof. Tanja Schmidt – Frauenbeaufragte



  • Professorin Biomedizinische Technik (BMT)
  • Studienfachberatung Biomedizinische Technik (BMT)
  • Mitglied Senat
  • Frauenbeaufragte


  • Anatomie und Physiologie
  • Diagnosesysteme
  • Therapiesysteme
  • Medizinproduktegesetz
  • Statistik
Andrea Gilg – Projektkoordinatorin Mentoringprogramm ANke Familien- und Frauenbüro

Andrea Gilg

Projektkoordinatorin Mentoringprogramm ANke Familien- und Frauenbüro

0981 4877-273 92.2.42 nach Vereinbarung vCard

Andrea Gilg

Andrea Gilg – Projektkoordinatorin Mentoringprogramm ANke Familien- und Frauenbüro

Projektkoordinatorin Mentoringprogramm ANke Familien- und Frauenbüro


  • Projektkoordinatorin Mentoringprogramm ANke Familien- und Frauenbüro
Prof. Dr. Sibylle Gaisser – Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Technik

Prof. Dr. Sibylle Gaisser

Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Technik

0981 4877-304 53.1.4 nach Vereinbarung vCard

Prof. Dr. Sibylle Gaisser

Prof. Dr. Sibylle Gaisser – Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Technik

Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Technik


  • Professorin Industrielle Biotechnologie (IBT)
  • Studienfachberatung Industrielle Biotechnologie (IBT)
  • Professorin Künstliche Intelligenz und Kognitive Systeme (KIK)
  • Professorin Applied Biotechnology (ABI)
  • Studienfachberatung Applied Biotechnology (ABI)
  • Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Technik
  • Musik an der Hochschule


  • Biotechnologie
  • Biologie
  • Rekombinante Arzneistoffe
  • Bioethik


  • Studium der Technischen Biologie an den Universitäten Stuttgart, Swansea (Großbritannien) und Freiburg
  • Promotion in der Pharmazeutischen Fakultät der Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen zum Thema der Antibiotika-BioSynthese und Resistenzmechanismen in Streptomyceten
  • Industrie und Forschungstätigkeiten:
    - Stellvertretende Geschäftsführerin der Biotechnologie-Agentur Baden-Württemberg
    - Senior Scientist und Projektmanagerin am Fraunhofer-Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung, Karlsruhe im Fachbereich "Neue Technologien"
    - Weiterbildung und Forschungsaufenthalt zum Thema "Health Technology Assessment" an der Universität Montreal, Kanada
  • seit 1/2010 Professorin für Biotechnologie und Bioverfahrenstechnik  an der Hochschule Ansbach


  • Synthetische Biologie
  • Antibiotika-Biosynthese
  • Sozioökonomische Analysen und Technikfolgenabschätzung im Bereich der Lebenswissenschaften

Publikationen (Auswahl):

[1] S. Gaisser, T. Reiss (2014):  Synthetische Biologie im Spannungsfeld von Forschung, Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft - von der Notwendigkeit eines interdisziplinären und ergebnisoffenen Dialogs. pp. 69 - 90. In "Chancen und Risiken der modernen Biotechnologie". M.Schartl, J.M. Erber.Schropp (Herausgeber). Verlag Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

[2] S. Gaisser, T. Reiss (2009):  Shaping the science-industry-policy interface in synthetic biology. Systems and  Synthetic Biology 2009 Dec;3(1-4):109-14.

[3] S. Gaisser, Reiss T, Lunkes A, Müller KM, Bernauer H. (2009): Making the most of synthetic biology. Strategies for synthetic biology development in Europe. EMBO Rep. 2009 Aug;10 Suppl 1:S5-8.

[4] S. Gaisser, Hopkins MM, Liddell K, Zika E, Ibarreta D. (2009): The phantom menace of gene patents. Nature. 2009 Mar 26;458(7237):407-8.

[5] M. M. Hopkins, D. Ibarreta, S. Gaisser, C,M. Enzing, J. Ryan, P.A. Martin, G. Lewis, S. Detmar, et al.: "Putting pharmacogenetics into practice". Nature Biotechnology 4/2006

[6] Gaisser, S.; Nusser, M.; Reiß, T.: Stärkung des Pharma-Innovationsstandortes Deutschland. Fraunhofer IRB-Verlag (2005), 224 S.

[7] S. Gaisser, A. Trefzer, S. Stockert, A. Kirschning, A. Bechthold: "Cloning of an avilamycin biosynthetic gene cluster from Streptomyces viridochromogenes Tü57".  J. Bacteriol. (1997), 179 (20): 6271-6278.

Sabine McIntosh

Sabine McIntosh – Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Wirtschaft

Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Wirtschaft


  • Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben Betriebswirtschaft (BW)
  • Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben (Englisch, Ansprechpartnerin für Italienisch) Interkulturelles Management (IKM)
  • Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben Sprachenzentrum
  • Mitglied Senat und Hochschulrat
  • Mitglied Fakultätsrat Wirtschaft
  • Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Wirtschaft
  • Mitglied Senat und Hochschulrat


  • Wirtschaftsenglisch
Prof. Dr. Ismeni Walter – Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Medien

Prof. Dr. Ismeni Walter

Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Medien

0981 4877-357 92.2.3 nach Vereinbarung vCard

Prof. Dr. Ismeni Walter

Prof. Dr. Ismeni Walter – Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Medien

Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Medien


  • Studiengangsleiterin Ressortjournalismus (RJO)
  • Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Medien
  • Mitglied Fakultätsrat Medien


  • Umweltjournalismus
  • Neue Medien


Ich bin seit 1999 freie Wissenschafts- und Umweltjournalistin mit Schwerpunkt audiovisuelle Medien. Bisher lag mein Lebensmittelpunkt in Köln, wo ich u. a. für die TV-Wissensredaktionen des WDR (Quarks & Co, W wie Wissen, Kopfball, Planet Schule u.v.m) und für freie Produktionsfirmen im Edutainment-Bereich gearbeitet habe. Zu meinen Auftraggebern zählen außerdem verschiedene Hörfunkredaktionen (u.a. WDR 5 Leonardo, DLF Forschung Aktuell, dradio wissen) und die Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung. Daneben habe ich regelmäßig moderiert (Veranstaltungen der Wissenschaft im Dialog gGmbH und des Deutsche Museums Bonn, Podiumsdiskussionen für verschiedene Landes- und Bundesministerien und Forschungsinstitute).

Mein Studium (Biologie) habe ich an der TU München absolviert. Darauf folgte ein Jahr Forschung an der Harvard Medical School in Boston, und danach meine Promotion auf dem Gebiet der marinen Ökotoxikologie an der Universität Hamburg und der Meeresstation Helgoland des Alfred Wegener Instituts für Polar und Meeresforschung. Bereits während Studium und Promotion begann ich, journalistisch zu arbeiten. Dank eines Stipendiums der Studienstiftung habe ich danach in einem Praxisjahr in verschiedenen Hörfunk- und Fernsehredaktionen mein Können vertieft und mich anschließend als freie Journalistin in Köln niedergelassen.

Seit 2011 lehre ich an der Hochschule Ansbach im Studiengang Ressortjournalismus: zunächst als Lehrbeauftragte, und seit 2014 als Professorin.

Prof. Verena Kraemer – Stellvertretende Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Medien

Prof. Verena Kraemer

Stellvertretende Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Medien

0981 4877-477 50.4.2 nach Vereinbarung vCard

Prof. Verena Kraemer

Prof. Verena Kraemer – Stellvertretende Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Medien

Stellvertretende Frauenbeauftragte Fakultät Medien


  • Professorin Visualisierung und Interaktion in digitalen Medien (VIS)


  • Grafische Visualisierung und Wissensvermittlung in Bild und Bewegtbild
  • Motion Design
  • Medialer Raum

Silke Brand

Silke Brand – Gleichstellungsbeauftragte



  • Leiterin Qualität und Informationssicherheit
  • Gleichstellungsbeauftragte