The start-up advisory service at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

For years, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences has distinguished itself as a central platform for networking science and business as well as for knowledge and technology transfer. At the same time, it is sustainably strengthening its presence in the fields of digital transformation, artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship.

As a consistent step, the expansion of offers and structures that promote entrepreneurship as well as the teaching of entrepreneurial thinking and skills was also defined as a central goal of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.

The promotion of interdisciplinary start-up knowledge and entrepreneurship is bundled and structured across the university in the start-up advisory service at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. With this, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences would like to specifically increase the interest and competence in founding among students and support prospective founders with advice, support and networking.

The services of the start-up advisory service include a wide range of events and advice as well as teaching formats, a certificate programme and the possibility of a start-up free semester. Further information can be found on the homepage of the Gründungsberatung (German). (German)



You have a great idea for a start-up and no idea what to do next? You want to set up a business but you don't have enough information? You're already in the middle of the start-up process and don't want any buzzword bingo? Then welcome to EXISTENCY! Three universities combine their knowledge here and show you everything you need and want to know. No grey theory, but hands-on. No empty phrases, but concrete tips and assistance. Existency includes the following funding opportunities:

  • If you haven't set up your own business yet but plan to do so, Train for Traction is just right for you: we offer you various workshops and events on different focal points. Always with the focus that you can put the new knowledge directly into practice. The good thing about it: the workshops are independent of each other, i.e. you choose exactly what is relevant for you at the moment. You can find out more about Train for Traction here.
  • All those who have already founded a company or are about to do so are in the right place at Reality Bites: In the Building Box and also as a so-called Test UG, we accompany you and your start-up over a longer period of time so that your start-up runs even better and you are prepared for everything. You can find out more about Reality Bites here.
  • There comes a point when you know "there's no turning back now" - that's great. But there are still a lot of questions. And because you still learn best from people who are doing exactly the same thing as you, that's exactly what we offer you here: learning from start-ups that are already one step ahead of your team. And from experienced mentors from your industry. In real life. Find out more about Professionalize here.


Johannes Hähnlein

Johannes Hähnlein – Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Forschungsprojekt Existency

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter Forschungsprojekt Existency


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