Library catalogue and interlibrary loan


  • The database information systemDBIS provides an overview of the databases available at the Ansbach University Library.
  • Database WISO: Comprehensive German-language database for economic literature
  • WTI-Frankfurt-Databases: References from the technical-scientific field
  • Database EBSCO Business Source: EBSCO Business Source Elite contains bibliographic references, abstracts and full texts from business and economics journals.
  • Database Beck online: Database with legal literature
  • Newspapers in full text (wiso module press, SZ archive, FAZ archive) can also be found via our DBIS

Further search options

Search Tipps

The search is not case-sensitive

Use words from the title or subtitle that are as meaningful as possible (no articles, prepositions, etc.).

Search with Wildcards

  • "*" replaces any number,
  • "?" replaces exactly one character in the search term.
  • Example: "mark*" finds terms such as "mark", "brand", "brands", "marketing", "mark".

Phrase search

  • "...": Terms in quotation marks are searched for as a group of words.

Multiple terms in a field and multiple fields are automatically linked with "and", limiting the search.

A combination of multiple terms with "or" must be specified separately; this extends the search.

What to do with too many hits?

  • Restriction according to years of publication
  • Restriction with further search terms
  • Change of search field (e.g. "title keyword" or "keyword" instead of "free search")

What to do with 0 hits or too few hits?

    Writing errors?
    Reduce the number of keywords (fewer keywords = more hits)
    Truncate terms with wildcards (* or ?)
    Change field (e.g. to free search)
    search for headings, synonyms, subheadings, English translations