Supported student mobility schemes (SM)

For Erasmus+ Outgoings you can choose between various mobility measures. You are welcome to attend a country- or program-specific information event at the International Office or to seek advice during office hours.

Study Semester

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General information on student mobility (SMS + SMP)

Erasmus+ Student Charter

The rights and obligations of students in the Erasmus+ programme are set out in the "Erasmus+ Student Charter", which is given to each student before the beginning of the stay abroad and is also available online.

Special funding

Inclusion and equal opportunities are central to the Erasmus+ programme. Single parents and students with reduced mobility, special needs or chronic illness can receive additional funding. Further information and assistance with the application process can be obtained from the International Office or directly from

Online language support (OLS)

Participants in the Erasmus+ Programme have the opportunity to use Online Language Support (OLS) to improve their knowledge of the language they speak during their study or placement abroad. The OLS courses are available to students before, during and after their periods abroad.

Further language support

  •     Language teaching at the university

  •     Language courses abroad

    A local language course can also be supported by the Erasmus+ programme. For this, the International Office requires a confirmation of successful participation in the course with start and end date of the course as well as a receipt for the course fees paid. Please contact the International Office first in order to clarify whether the language course is eligible for funding.

Note on insurance cover

There is no insurance cover when promoting mobility under the Erasmus+ programme. Neither the European Commission nor the DAAD are liable for damages resulting from illness, death, accident, injury to persons, loss of or damage to property in connection with Erasmus+ stays abroad (studies, internships, guest lectureships or Erasmus+ training measures).  It is the responsibility of participants to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover abroad. Liability, accident and health insurance should be available and must even be proven for internships. There is the possibility to insure yourself via the DAAD group insurance.