Welcome to the website of our working group Healthy University!

Work takes up a large part of our time. Therefore, movement and balance are often neglected. Our aim is to expand the range of health-promoting measures in the coming years in line with your needs and thus support your health.

In order to be able to respond more specifically to the needs of our employees*, we carried out an anonymous online survey on this topic, in which wishes and suggestions for future offers could be expressed.

Our current health-promoting measures

Use the offers to maintain and increase your well-being and quality of life.

  • Participation "Citylauf 2022"
  •  Various sports offers (moving break, Pilates, Nordic walking, yoga, etc.)
  • E-learning courses in the areas of health & fitness
  • You can find an overview of the current courses in our internal e-learning course catalogue
  • Let's play table tennis!
    Prof. Thoms has donated a table tennis table in very good condition from his private collection for our staff. Many thanks for this!
    You can find the table in building 50 on the 1st floor, rackets and balls can be borrowed or you can simply bring your own equipment. Our students are of course also welcome to use the table.
  • Health Days
  • Workshops and lectures
  • New from 2021: Healthy week in the canteen
    You can find the menu of our canteen, always updated >>here<<
  • New from 2021: "fruit days
    "Recipes from colleagues for colleagues"
  • The Recipes campaign was launched several years ago. All employees are invited to send us "healthy" recipes they have cooked or baked themselves, which we will then collect and publish in a cookbook of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences on the intranet and also here on the homepage.
    The publication will of course be anonymous.
    > Here you can find the current Kochbuch der Hochschule Ansbach (german).
  • Hiring of massage belts
  • Workshops and lectures
  • Operational integration management (BEM)
  • Support on the subject of "Ergonomic office equipment"

We are pleased about your interest and would be happy to advise you on any questions you may have about health at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. Your ideas or suggestions will be gratefully incorporated into our work. Please feel free to contact us at gesundheit@hs-ansbach.de or speak to us directly!


Sarah Enser

Sarah Enser –


  • Mitarbeiterin Bereich Personal – Recruiting und Personalentwicklung
  • Mitglied Senat und Hochschulrat

Andrea Gilg

Andrea Gilg –


  • Projektkoordinatorin Mentoringprogramm ANke Familien- und Frauenbüro

Nina Ströbel

Nina Ströbel –


  • Mitarbeiterin Bereich Personal

Claudia Schroll

Claudia Schroll –


  • Mitarbeiterin Bibliothek
  • 2. stellvertretende PR-Vorsitzende (Arbeitnehmer)

Dunja Zöller, M.Sc.

Dunja Zöller, M.Sc. –


  • Mitarbeiterin Bereich Beratung / Büro für Familie, Chancengleichheit und Diversity
  • Gleichstellungsbeauftragte