For Students

Boost your career!

Interactive, varied and practical:

For 10 days, over 350 Bavarian organisations and companies open their doors to give you the opportunity to get to know them as employers directly on site. Discovering companies, trying out professions and making valuable contacts for your career? You can do all of that at the Practical Days – one of the largest career events in Bavaria!

The Practical Days 2024 will take place from 4 to 15 March 2024.
Register from 14 November 2024.

All information about the event and registration can be found here:

Networking for your career

Whether it's a working student position or a thesis, whether it's getting to know the industry or targeted networking: take advantage of this opportunity and experience first-hand and directly the day-to-day work in the company of your choice!

  • Look over the shoulder of an engineer or a computer scientist during his or her working day.
  • Take advantage of company tours to get an insight into potential working environments and talk to the company representatives afterwards!
  • Deepen your knowledge of the industry at company presentations.

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*Legal notice regarding the visit of the Practical Days in the companies:

Visits to and activities in companies within the framework of or in connection with the Practical Days take place exclusively on a voluntary basis based on the sole decision of the participants; they are not events in the teaching and study programme and also not other university events of your faculty or the university as a whole. The university is not involved in or responsible for the arrangement, implementation or other handling of such visits or activities. We therefore draw your attention to the fact that you alone, as participants, are responsible for any accident risk that exists or arises as a result of or in connection with your voluntary visits to or activities in companies as part of the Practical Days, or that you yourself must ensure that you have adequate private insurance cover.


For Companies

Make us of this advantage!

The cooperation offers companies in the region the opportunity to get to know students and graduates of universities in Bavaria.

The Practical Days also bring many advantages for you as a company:

  • By engaging directly with your target group, you strengthen your employer image.
  • You establish direct contact with your employees and managers of tomorrow.
  • Career Services takes care of the organisation, you only receive the students' registrations and design the Practical Day at your company according to your wishes.
  • Participation is free of charge.

What the Practical Days are, what you have to do and how we advertise the Practical Days can be found in the project description (German only).


Who organises the Practical Days for you?

The Practical Days are the product of the merger of the Career Service of 19 Bavarian universities: In addition to Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences, the OTH Amberg-Weiden, Augsburg, Coburg, Hof, Nuremberg Protestant University of Applied Sciences, Kempten, Landshut, Munich, the OTH Regensburg, Rosenheim and Würzburg-Schweinfurt also participate.

Together with companies, interactive days are designed for students, which take place directly in the company and can therefore be carried out very close to the company. Within ten days students can get to know