Public facilities serve the economic, social and cultural needs of the inhabitants. An overview of important public institutions in Ansbach can be found here.

employment agency

The Agentur für Arbeit advises people on almost all topics related to the profession.


public building authority

Our authority is divided into two departments. The Building Construction Department is responsible for building construction measures of the Free State of Bavaria and for civil construction measures of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Road Construction Department is responsible for the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of federal and state roads.


Branch of the Bavarian Court of Justice

Administrative courts are an essential pillar of the rule of law. They provide citizens with legal protection against the state and other public authorities.


Local court

Click on the link to find out which proceedings are processed at the Ansbach district court


IHK Ansbach office

Some tasks of the IHK are:

  • Promotion of the commercial economy in the region.
  • Representation of the interests of tradesmen from the region.
  • Regulation of commercial and regional vocational training.
  • Issue of journeyman and master examination regulations.


Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision

The BayLDA monitors compliance with data protection law in the non-public sector in Bavaria, i.e. in private commercial enterprises, freelancers, clubs and associations and on the Internet.