Welcome to West Middle Franconia!

Welcome to West Middle Franconia and Ansbach.


West Middle Franconia is, as the name already says, a region in the west of Middle Franconia. The region includes cities like Ansbach, Rothenburg, Dinkelsbühl or Feuchtwangen. Total, around 400,000 people live here on 4,000 square kilometres.

On this page you will find a lot of exciting information about the region and especially about Ansbach. Have fun discovering it!

West Middle Franconia
Place of residence

Living in West Central Franconia: What can the region offer me? How is the infrastructure structured? What leisure activities are there?

West Middle Franconia
Business Location

Working in West Central Franconia: Find out about the local economic situation, which companies have settled in the area and what career opportunities the region offers.

Possibilities for the
Young talent

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Where is West Middle Franconia?

West Central Franconia is located in the heart of Southern Germany. At the western border, West Middle Franconia connects to Baden-Württemberg. The region benefits from its proximity to cities like Würzburg or Stuttgart and is part of the Nuremberg metropolitan region.