Your personal security paper entitles you to take courses of your choice from the range of studies offered by Ansbach University of Applied Sciences (subject to availability).

After successful participation in a course, you will receive a certificate.

The redemption of your personal security paper is not time-limited, i.e. you can redeem this security paper with us anytime throughout your life.

Please note: The security paper cannot be redeemed for degree programmes with restricted admission (except elective modules) and certificate courses at the School of Business and Technology.

Application to redeem the security paper


How do you receive your personal security paper?

  • Students of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences receive their personal security paper worth a total of 10 ECTS points (European Credit Transfer System) after successful completion of their studies.
  •  Non-students and companies, please contact the University Foundation of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.

For advice, please contact alumni(at) or call +49 981/4877-574.

Guidelines for the redemption of the security paper

  1. Open the module handbook of the respective degree programme
  2. Find the desired module or modules up to max. 10 ECTS in the module handbook
  3. Contact the person responsible for the module and ask whether participation can be approved on the basis of capacity
  4. Fill out the application to redeem the security paper
  5. Submit the application incl. confirmation of the lecturer's consent to participation to the Student Services by email at or   
    Deadline for submitting the application:
    - for the summer term: 01.03. 
    - for the winter term: 15.09.
  6. Internal review of the application
  7. Notification to the applicant of approval or rejection of the application



Laura Müller

Laura Müller – Leiterin Bereich Beratung

Leiterin Bereich Beratung


Leiterin Bereich Beratung