What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences?
"Not too small and not too big": For me, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences was the ideal combination of practical knowledge transfer and an atmosphere conducive to learning due to the individual support of the professors and the modern teaching equipment.

What was the best experience at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences that you remember?
Of course, besides student life, it was the official farewell party with the diploma in my hand and the feeling of being finished after the intense time. I would also like to add the most exciting experience when we shot a professional music video for a local rapper in the city centre of Ansbach.

You can't have studied in Ansbach without ...
Experiencing the student parties.

What motivations determined your choice of studies and career?
The fundamental interest in IT, combined with the economic contexts and the then strongly growing e-business market. With this basis, I was open to various career entry options, but with the goal of learning a lot quickly and having a lot of interaction with people.

What influence did your studies at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences have on your life? Is there anything that has remained particularly memorable for you?
In addition to the memories already mentioned, it is especially the friendships that have lasted until today. The practical semesters were also particularly memorable, where I was able to gain a lot of insights for my later career choice.

What could you take away from your studies for your professional future?
Professional knowledge in relation to information technology as well as the methodical competence to open up new topics, to structure them and to maintain stringency and perseverance in their implementation.

If you could study again today, would you do anything differently?
At the time, I earned my diploma in the standard period of study and started my professional career at the age of 24. In retrospect, I would have liked to use one/two more semesters to take a trip abroad and spend more time on certifications/training. You still have to work long enough ...

Looking back on your time as a student: What would you like to pass on to students?
Use your time at university not only to learn more about the subject, but especially to find your own interests and focal points, e.g. through internships, company presentations, etc., and to share them with others in order to make friends beyond your studies.

To what extent do you still feel connected to the university today? Do you still have contact with fellow students?
It was a personal concern of mine to give something back, so I contacted the campus management in 2022 to establish a long-term partnership between KPMG and Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.

What have been important stages in your career?
I've been with KPMG for 13 years and it's been exciting but also challenging client projects that have been outside my comfort zone, from which I've been able to learn a lot.

What do you particularly like about your job today?
Every day is different and dynamic. Many clients, different projects and above all a great team with always new impulses and daily learning. Particularly noteworthy is the entrepreneurial freedom in my role, you can say "entrepreneur in the company".

What are the three most important competences in your everyday work?
Professionalism, commitment and assertiveness

In your opinion, how do you make a good career start in your sector (entry routes, application tips)?
In addition to a successful CV that makes the experience tangible with examples, it is an authentic interview. That means it has to be a good fit for both sides in the end and therefore it is worthwhile to exchange information about requirements, expectations and development opportunities at eye level and to be aware of your own skills and interests in advance.

What career advice do you have for students and young graduates?
Give yourself the time and space to develop personally and professionally. There is no ideal path and we all have to work long enough.



Laura Müller

Laura Müller – Leiterin Bereich Beratung

Leiterin Bereich Beratung


Leiterin Bereich Beratung