Ansbach University of Applied Sciences offers a diverse portfolio in application-oriented research and knowledge and technology transfer. In close cooperation with partners from business, society and politics, the results of basic research are used to solve specific problems. Application-oriented research thus contributes significantly to the emergence of technical, economic, social and societal innovations.

Our three overarching research areas are interdisciplinary and are pursued across all faculties:


How can energy be efficiently generated, stored and converted? What possibilities exist to make surfaces, materials and products more innovative? How can construction become more sustainable? These and other questions are addressed by the focus Smart&Green Industry.



Embedded systems, robotics, data science and machine learning - these and other buzzwords are used to describe research in the field of smart data, AI and data-driven business models.

Society is undergoing change due to the digital transformation - but what exactly does this mean for the population, education, work and leisure?
The research area Digital Media and Digital Society deals with the challenges and opportunities that digitalisation brings to our everyday lives.