With the award of the right to award doctorates to Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and OTH Amberg-Weiden, young scientists now have the opportunity to do a doctorate in the research area "Resource Efficiency and Digitalisation in Ansbach. In individual cases, a doctorate in cooperation with a German or international university is also possible. Currently, about 25 doctoral students are supervised in the three faculties of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.


Pathways to a doctorate

The prerequisite for beginning a doctorate is usually an above-average Master's degree.  In principle, there are the following possibilities for financing a doctorate:

     Employment at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences (e.g. in a third-party funded project)
    Financing on the basis of another professional activity
    Financing through a scholarship

Individual support and mentoring by the supervising professor:

During the phase of the doctorate, the supervisor of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences accompanies the person doing the doctorate to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. This is recorded in writing in a supervision agreement.

Doctoral studies at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences:

PhD students at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences have the opportunity to acquire and further develop competences, methods and specialist knowledge in the certificate course "Promotionsbegleitzertifikat" (PBZ). The certificate course aims to enable doctoral students to work on their dissertation independently and according to the rules of good scientific practice and to actively participate in the scientific discourse in their research area. The study and examination regulations for special advanced studies at the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences (SPO SWS/HSAN-20232) apply to the PBZ.

Regular writing group for doctoral students

In the fortnightly hybrid meetings, doctoral students have the opportunity to work on their dissertation in joint writing sessions. They also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail at eva.didion@hs-ansbach.de.

Young researchers' conference

In cooperation with the Universitat Politècnica de València, a scientific conference is held every year at which our doctoral students can present their research results to an interested audience. More information on the annual junior researcher conference "Business meets Technology" can be found here.


Ansbach University of Applied Sciences congratulates

Bastian Seifert is a newly minted Doctor of Mathematics. The former research assistant at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences completed his doctorate last Thursday at the Julius-Maximilians University in Würzburg and, ultimately a year after submitting it, completed his doctorate.

The long waiting time is a result of the unexpected Corona pandemic, but this did not affect the grade at all. The doctoral thesis, which was written while he was working at Ansbach University and revolved around an abstract algebraic treatment of signal processing concepts, was awarded the outstanding grade of 1.0.

Seifert, who worked on interdisciplinary projects as a staff member at the "Centre for Signal Analysis of Complex Systems" (CCS) at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and contributed a wide range of publications, will in future conduct research in the field of algebraic signal processing at ETH Zurich. He has already been working there as a "postdoc" since September 2019.


Successfully graduated!


Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Marion Händel (Faculty of Media), Nick Naujoks-Schober from the Chair of Educational Psychology and Excellence Research at FAU successfully completed his doctorate on the topic of "Learning strategies for coping with the challenges of studying". In his cumulative dissertation, Mr. Naujoks-Schober conducted longitudinal studies on use, influencing factors and potentials and published internationally in peer-reviewed journals. Congratulations on the "summa cum laude" and good luck with further (joint) research!

Links to the journal articles of the cumulative dissertation:


Right to award doctorates for Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

A milestone in Bavaria's academic landscape has been announced by the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts. Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and the East Bavarian University of Applied Sciences (OTH) Amberg-Weiden have been granted the independent right to award doctorates and will now move forward together in research.

Ansbach University of Applied Sciences participated in the procedure for the award of the right to award doctorates, which was initiated in February 2023 by the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts. By applying for the right to award a doctorate and implementing it in a doctoral centre, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and OTH Amberg-Weiden have demonstrated their particular research strength and innovative spirit.

The application relates to the research area "Resource Efficiency and Digitalisation". In close cooperation, this doctoral right is now being put into practice. This significant development opens up the possibility for the students and researchers of the two universities to take their scientific engagement to the next level and to advance innovative solutions in the aforementioned research areas.

The award of doctoral degrees to Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and OTH Amberg-Weiden underscores the outstanding performance and commitment of both institutions to higher education research. It marks a turning point in the academic development of the region and will undoubtedly contribute to enriching the educational landscape in Bavaria.
The presidents of both universities expressed their delight at this groundbreaking decision. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sascha Müller-Feuerstein, President of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, said: "The award of the right to confer doctorates is a significant step for our universities and a sign of the recognition of our research achievements. We are proud to work together with OTH Amberg-Weiden to promote top research and academic excellence. This cooperation opens up new horizons and we are confident that our joint efforts will help develop innovative solutions to current challenges and position our region in the international scientific landscape."

Scientists from Ansbach University of Applied Sciences do their doctorate at the TU Iasi, Romania


After several years of intensive research work at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and numerous international publications, Mr Marius-Andrei Boca and Mr Vasile Ermolai successfully defended their doctorates on 27 November 2023 at the Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi", Iaşi, Romania. Prof Alexandru Sover, supervisor of the two doctorates at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, describes the cooperation with the partner university from Romania as very successful, especially the good supervision of the doctoral students over several years.

The two doctorates deal with important aspects of the application-orientated implementation of additive manufacturing (AM) in industrial applications.

Marius-Andrei Boca's doctoral research focused on the production and optimisation of thermoforming tools using additive manufacturing. His work focussed on the optimal use of materials, new design options and innovative cooling of the tools.

In his work, Vasile Ermolai demonstrated the potential of multi-material manufacturing of products using the additive fused layer process, also known as fused filament fabrication (FFF) or fused deposition modelling (FDM). The use of multi-material technology allows considerable savings to be made on expensive technical materials and their use exclusively for essential structures.

The commissions greatly appreciated the work of the two doctoral students and praised the scientific application-orientated work at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. A big thank you goes to the two doctoral supervisors at TU Iaşi, Prof Dr Georghe Nagit and Prof Dr Laurentiu Slatineanu, for their outstanding support of the work.


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