For a long time, doctorates could only be completed at universities, but now there is also the possibility of doing a doctorate at a university of applied sciences (HAW).

The prerequisite for a doctorate at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences is cooperation with a university, since Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, as a HAW, does not have its own right to award doctorates.

The requirements are based on the doctoral regulations of the cooperating university. According to the Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayHSchG), the doctoral supervisor in the HAW also acts as a reviewer in the cooperative doctoral procedure in addition to acting as the first reviewer of the university. (BayHSchG, art.64, paragraph 1, point 4).

An overview of all current and completed doctoral procedures with the participation of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences can be found in our research database.


How to complete a doctorate

As a rule, a Master's degree is a prerequisite for beginning a doctorate. A diploma degree entitles you to a doctorate under certain conditions. You can find out whether you meet the formal requirements for starting a doctoral procedure in the doctoral regulations of the respective university at which you want to do your doctorate. Basically, there are the following possibilities for starting a doctorate:

  • Employment at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences (e.g. in a third-party funded project)
  • Employment at the cooperating university
  • Funding through another employment
  • Funding through a scholarship

Support options

Individual support and mentoring by the supervising professor:

During the doctorate, the supervisor of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences accompanies the person doing the doctorate to the best of their knowledge and belief. The needs, wishes and goals that are to be covered within the framework of the supervision can be determined in advance. These can be, among others:

  • Technical expertise
  • Mentoring
  • Support and advice on further education and career options
  • Networking
  • Preparation for professional life


Events at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

Seminar for doctoral students:

The doctoral students' seminar at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences offers young scientists the opportunity to gain insights into current, interdisciplinary research projects of all faculties. Within this framework, the doctoral students present their studies to an academic audience. The seminar focuses on the discussion of the research question of the respective doctoral project (generation of hypotheses), quantitative and qualitative research methods, the development and implementation of research designs, as well as the interpretation of the results obtained from the studies conducted. Regardless of the progress of the respective dissertation, the event is explicitly aimed at all doctoral students (guest lectures outside Ansbach University of Applied Sciences are also welcome). In this way, scientific contacts can be profitably established. The resulting exchange of ideas and experiences is intended to support the doctoral students on their way to a doctorate and ultimately advance their research projects.  The event usually takes place twice per semester.

Please contact Prof. Barbara Hedderich if you have any questions about the organisation and execution of the doctoral seminar.
Future events can be found here.

Young Researchers Conference
More information about the annual conference "Business meets Technology" can be found here.

National and international opportunities for cooperation

International opportunities

  • Individual research contacts of professors, e.g. in Norway, Finland and Romania; a continuation is sought, e.g. via the junior researcher conference as well as via a cooperative doctoral programme.
  • Framework agreement of the Faculty of Business and Economics for a joint doctorate with the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia.

BayWiss Collaborative Doctorate

The Bavarian Science Forum (BayWISS), as a cooperation platform of all 30 universities of applied sciences and universities in Bavaria, has established eleven topic-specific academic partnerships. In these partnerships, professors from universities of applied sciences and universities jointly supervise doctorates and are intended to improve the doctoral conditions for young researchers through their structured nature, plannability and transparency. Further information can be found on the BayWISS website:

Ansbach University of Applied Sciences is a member of two joint academic partnerships:

  • Joint academic partnerships in the area of communication & media
  • Joint academic partnerships in the field of Digitisation
  • Joint academic partnerships in Production Technology

Additional Information

Opportunities for doctoral studies at German Universities of Applied Sciences: hochschulkompass




Ansbach University of Applied Sciences congratulates

Bastian Seifert is a newly minted Doctor of Mathematics. The former research assistant at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences completed his doctorate last Thursday at the Julius-Maximilians University in Würzburg and, ultimately a year after submitting it, completed his doctorate.

The long waiting time is a result of the unexpected Corona pandemic, but this did not affect the grade at all. The doctoral thesis, which was written while he was working at Ansbach University and revolved around an abstract algebraic treatment of signal processing concepts, was awarded the outstanding grade of 1.0.

Seifert, who worked on interdisciplinary projects as a staff member at the "Centre for Signal Analysis of Complex Systems" (CCS) at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and contributed a wide range of publications, will in future conduct research in the field of algebraic signal processing at ETH Zurich. He has already been working there as a "postdoc" since September 2019.