Study overview

Are you interested in

  • strengthening your capacity for teamwork and your leadership ability?
  • building up your cross-cultural competence through an integrated study period abroad?
  • Are you ready to leave compartmentalized thinking behind you?

Then join us !We offer:

  • individual coaching in small groups (15 students per year)
  • a 3 semester Master program with the guaranteed possibility of a fully integrated study period at our partner university abroad
  • projects, that will further your integrative and interdisciplinary competences
  • an internationally recognized degree as Master (M.A.) in International Product and Service Management

Characteristics in brief

The master's degree International Product and Service Management IPM is aimed at bachelor graduates who bring a successful final study degree and economic basics of their former study program (business administration, industrial engineering, computer science industry ...). We offer graduates from different study backgrounds during a 3-term course to build professional and personal skills for management positions. The possibility of voluntary exchange terms at our partner universities Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, USC and ICMS underline the international orientation of the program. The directors of the program are: Prof. Barbara Hedderich and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Knoblauch.

Admission requirements

Qualifying requirements for admission to the Master's programme are:

  • University degree or equivalent degree in course of studies, which qualifies for a profession. Included are all degrees qualifying for a profession (bachelor degree, German Diploma, master degree), state-certified and clerical exams at universities and technical colleges as well as equivalent degrees from foreign universities.
  • Minimum duration of study in study path, qualifying for a profession, needs to be at least six terms of prescribed period of study and additional written Bachelor-Thesis.
  • The university degree or equivalent degree in course of studies has to be 2.0or better (good or better) according to German grading.
  • Furthermore, the examination board can decide to admit those applicants who have an average between 2.1 and 3.0 and whose grade on their Bachelor-Thesis is 2.0 or better.
  • Proof of above-average aptitudes and sufficient knowledge of the English language in an interview. Basic German language skills are mandatory in order to adapt to the student life on campus and in the city of Ansbach. The level A1, certified by the Goethe Institute, is a minimum requirement. In order to assess special eligibility, the applicant has to prove his above-average aptitudes and motivation necessary for the master program in the course of an interview, which will be conducted and evaluated by two professors. As the classes will all be held in English, fluency in this language is required. In addition, applicants have to prove sufficient knowledge in business administration, which is assumed as given by successfully completed bachelor studies like Industrial Engineering, Business Administration and Business Informatics.

Focus Possibilities

The focus modules allow students to emphasize on one aspect during their program. At the moment the following focus modules are offered at the different universities:

Technology at the

Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

Service Management

at the Universidad Politécnica de Valéncia

International Business

at the University of Sunshine Coast (USC) in Queensland, Australia (charged)

International Business und Tourism & Hospitality

at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS), Australia (charged)

Program structure

The course consists of 3 to 4 semesters depending on the length of your bachelor degree (7 or 6 semesters). Each semester, classes up to 30 ECTS can be taken.

  • In the summer term, we offer an integrative project for interdisciplinary and intercultural teams. You will be expected to work autonomously but supported by a project coach, specialists and our professors.
  • In the winter term, you have the possibility of developing your personal profile through choosing a focus and several elective modules.  At the moment we offer:
  1. Service management at the TH Valencia, Spain,
  2. Technology at the HS Ansbach, Germany,
  3. International Business at USC Queensland, Australia
  4. International Business and Tourism & Hospitality am ICMS Sydney, Australia.

Depending on your starting date one of these terms is your first or second term. They provide you with different experiences but can be coursed independently from one another.

  • The master thesis completes your study in the third term. In a project with a firm, you reflect a practical project with the help of the academic tools you have acquired.

Master thesis

The Master course will be finished with the Master Thesis. The students show their ability to deal with complex problems in the area of Product and Service Management. The aim is to find a topic that can be combined with a project offered by a firm.


Bridging modules

Bridging modules

The requirement for admission on the Master's programme is a Bachelor's degree with 210 ECTS. For applications with a degree of 180 ECTS, there are two options for studying in the Master's programme:

  • Attending the bridge modules at our partner universities
  • Individual compilation of a bridge programme by the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.

Applicants without sufficient Business courses have to successfully finish them during the first year in the master program. Be aware that we can offer some of those courses only in German.

Application (Dates, Requirements, Forms)

Date for application:


Important! Submit a preliminary documentation of international accounts of uni-assist e.V. ( in case of a bachelor degree, which was not acquired in Germany. Please note that the review by uni-assist e.V. might take up to 6 weeks!

Application Manual in English
(Here you find a step by step explanation of our German online application. Read before starting the application process.

Start of Terms

Winter Term:

  • 15th of September (Valencia)
  • 1st of October (Ansbach)

Summer Term:

  • 20th of February (Valencia)
  • 15th of March (Ansbach)

Application Period

Winter Term:       

  • 2nd of May –31st of May (Ansbach)

Summer Term:

  • 16th of October – 16th of November (Ansbach)

Requirements: additional Information

Bachelor degree:

  • at least 6 semesters or the equivalent of 180 ECTS
  • university degree or equivalent degree in course of studies has to be 2.0 or better (good or better) according to German grading
  • examination board can decide to admit those applicantswho have an average between 2.1 and 3.0 and whose grade on their Bachelor-Thesis is 2.0 or better
  • basic courses in business (the German careers of BWL, Wirtschaftsinformatik and Wirtschaftsingenieur are automatically acceptable, all others have to be approved directly by our university)

Proof of:

  • above-average aptitudes and sufficient knowledge of the English language
  • Basic German language skills; level A1, certified by the Goethe Institut, is a minimum requirement
  • high motivation


  • Relevant certificates (bachelor degree, language skills)
  • Letter of motivation in English
  • Acceptance will be based on an interview

Information for foreign applicants:

If you have acquired your university entrance qualifications (certificates, diplomas etc.) outside of the Federal Republic of Germany, you are obliged to submit your education certificates earned abroad to uni‑assist e.V. for review in addition to submitting your application to the university.

  • Furthermore you have to complete the application for the review of your certificates (leading to the preliminary documentation VPD) online and send it to uni-assist e.V. You can download the application for the preliminary documentation (VPD) here:
  • Please be aware that uni-assist usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks to process your documents. Please make sure to apply for your preliminary review documentation (VPD) in time. An application at uni-assist can be carried out all over the year.
  • Uni-assist charges a fee for the review of your documents which you have to pay directly to uni-assist by bank transfer.
  • You are obliged to present the original notification for your preliminary review documentation (VPD) by 01 August in addition to your application for the winter semester and by 15 January in addition to your application for the summer semester to the University of Applied Sciences Ansbach.

Please note the different application deadlines indicated on the information sheets for Master’s degree programmes and for degree programmes for active professionals.

Health Insurance:

In order to be allowed to enroll at a German university, you are obliged to have a valid statutory health insurance.

Students from EU-countries who have a European Health Insurance Card and students from non-EU countries who have bought health insurance for Germany in their home country need to get their insurance checked by a German health insurance company. At best, you will receive a certificate confirming the exemption from health insurance which you can use for registration at HS Ansbach.

If you have no or insufficient health insurance, you need to obtain health insurance from a health insurance company in Germany. You are free to choose your health insurance company, please find below some examples. More information about the insurance can be obtained directly from the insurance company.


  • AOK Ansbach, Eyberstraße 63, 91522 Ansbach
  • Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) , Südwestpark 65, 90449 Nürnberg
  • DAK-Gesundheit, Draisstraße 2, 91522 Ansbach
  • Barmer GEK, Fischstraße 5a, 91522 Ansbach

Further information about the German health insurance system can be found here

Further information

What are your job opportunities?

Possible areas of employment are manifold. You will be able to start your career in one of the medium-sized firms of our region or aim at an international company.

The technological and business orientation of our program helps you to build up competences in finding solutions, product development including design and marketing. Combined with social skills like crisis management, interconnected thinking and team work you will be well prepared to see a product successfully through all its stages starting with the first idea, its development and realization up to its marketing and disposal.

At every step you will combine your expertise from the fields of technology and business. You will become a “wanderer between both worlds”. This in an expertise highly valued if not required by many firms nowadays. The same holds true for the skill to familiarize yourself in a short time with new areas relevant to your work in an ever changing environment.