Study overview


In Ansbach, the focus is on technologies.

We offer you:

  •     experts with practical experience in teaching
  •     a well-founded overview of the most important current technologies
  •     the latest findings of application-oriented research

You work your way through...

  •     Qualification as mediator between the disciplines of engineers and businessmen
  •     Basic understanding of technology for merchants
  •     a broad overview of different technologies for the engineers

The following courses are currently offered. Students can choose from six courses of their choice:

  •     Chemical mass products
  •     Biomaterials in medicine
  •     Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  •     Food technology
  •     Computer simulation
  •     Internships
  •     Renewable energy systems
  •     Fundamentals of Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  •     Electrical engineering
  •     Control and regulation technology