Study overview

International Business and Tourism & Hospitality are offered at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) in Australia.

During one semester abroad at the ICMS, four courses of 7.5 ECTS are taken. Depending on the subject choice, students may receive the ICMS Graduate Certificate of Business after successfully completing 4 subjects from ICMS and in addition, students can obtain one of the specializations in International Business or Tourism & Hospitality from the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. At least 2 out of the 4 subjects in either International Business or in Tourism & Hospitality have to be chosen:

Course International Business:

  • International Finance
  • International Accounting
  • International Trade and Banking
  • International Marketing

Course Tourism & Hospitality:

  • International Tourism
  • Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
  • Hospitality Property and Facilities Management
  • Strategiv Management in Tourism and Hospitality

Further information on ICMS and the Graduate Certificate of Business can be viewed at:

The ICMS Postgraduate (Master) Brochure is available under the following link:

Our general Fact Sheet with information on ICMS (pricing, dates, accommodation, application documents, visa, insurance, etc.) is available here .

Important: The focus International Business, Tourism & Hospitality can only be occupied at the ICMS as well as at the USC only during the winter semester! An international semester at an Australian partner university in the summer semester is not possible.”

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