Study overview

The focus on media informatics should lead students to a deeper understanding of the connections between the technology of new media and the approaches of computer science. The focus is on the methodical and practical development of multimedia applications, especially in the field of the web. This will give you a good chance of starting a responsible career at the interface between computer science and media.

By the way: The aim of the focus is not to produce "instant computer scientists"; it also does not require a particularly pronounced knowledge of computer science or programming. Developing, programming, testing, working with HTML5, JavaScript, Android, PHP etc. is definitely fun!

Study structure

Client-server programming

  • Tasks for client/server applications
  • Client/Server Architecture Models
  • Programming models for server applications (e.g. Java Enterprise)
  • Development methods and programming tools
  • Servlets, JavaServer Pages, JavaServer Faces, JDBC etc.
  • NetBeans IDE, Application Server (Glassfish)

Web engineering

  • Systematic planning and implementation of larger application systems
  • Requirements and risks of major development projects
  • Fundamentals of Web and Software Engineering: Development Models, Methods (UML) and Tools
  • Quality Management, Project Management
  • Technological perspectives, cooperation models.

Practical project

  • Deepening and practicing programming techniques
  • Application areas of different programming languages especially in the multimedia sector
  • Requirements and concepts of multimedia programming
  • Comparison and evaluation of different programming techniques and their tools
  • Application related case studies
  • Implementation of development tasks.

Development of mobile applications (focus on compulsory choice module)

  • Concepts and programming of smartphone applications
  • Application Architecture of Smartphone Operating Systems
  • Structure of the Android architecture, differences iPhone architecture
  • Programming, deployment, testing and debugging of apps
  • Security restrictions
  • Concept and functionality of the App Market
  • Development of a complete smartphone app as a student research project