Study overview

The specialisation 3D Graphics is a specialisation in the broad field of computer graphics. It builds on the modules 3D Design in the second semester and an orientation module in the third semester. The main focus is on the conception, design and creation of virtual sets for the virtual TV studio.

3D real-time rendering enables a highly realistic representation of 3D scenes in real time thanks to powerful hardware. Virtual studio sets save time, money and storage space and enable sets that go beyond what can be built. We design and create these sets and test them practically in the virtual TV studio.

Study structure

Realtime 3D

  • 3D modelling for real-time systems
  • Advanced texturing techniques (e.g. shaders, UV mapping, baking)
  • Lighting techniques for real-time systems
  • 3D realtime engines

Virtual Set Design

  • Design basics of virtual studio sets
  • CAD construction
  • Studio technology

Virtual Studio

  • Use and testing of virtual sets in the studio
  • Effects and animation in the virtual studio

3D Graphics compulsory elective module

  • Interesting topics from the field of computer graphics are developed and exchanged on the basis of practice-related tasks.