Study overview

The main focus 3D Graphics is the deepening in the wide field of computer graphics. It builds on the modules 3D Design and Animation in the second and third semester. Although the main focus is on 3D graphics and animation, all areas of computer graphics should be considered in their interaction, i.e. image processing, compositing and video matching, but also interactive applications and last but not least game design.

Computer graphics are becoming more and more important in the media sector, 3D product visualizations in advertising have found their way into advertising agencies and photo studios, no film and commercial production can do without postproduction and 3D games have become an important branch of the media industry. The focus offers the opportunity to discover and deepen your own areas of interest and passions. An important part of the focus is the annual excursion to the FMX to keep in touch with current developments in the field of computer graphics and animation.


Study structure

3D Animation

  • 3D modeling (e.g. subdivision modeling)
  • Advanced texturing techniques (e.g. shader, UV mapping, baking)
  • Forward and Inverse Kinematics, Character Animation, Rigging
  • Node-based circuits
  • Particle systems
  • 3D Scanning, Motion Capture
  • Compositing and postproduction (Photoshop, AfterEffects, Motion, Shake)
  • 3D game production with a game engine


  • Theory of matchmoving (camera tracking to supplement a real camera shot with 3D animation)
  • Practical exercises Matchmoving
  • Product and architecture visualization
  • CAD modelling
  • Lighting, GI Rendering, HDRI Rendering and Production

Computer Graphic Focal Point Mandatory Module

  • On the basis of practical tasks, interesting topics from the entire field of computer graphics will be developed and exchanged. Possible subject areas: Motion design, clothing simulation, design trends, real-time applications ......