Study overview

Politics and economics

Whether the report from the refugee hostel or the commentary on the city council's decision in favour of the new shopping centre, whether the report on the EU rescue parachute or the interview with the Foreign Minister on the Middle East conflict: the range of topics in political and economic newsrooms is huge. It results from events at local, national and international level. Where journalists inform about debates in the Bundestag, the lack of day-care centres or dubious real estate funds, they create the conditions for public discussion. They thus form an important pillar of democracy.

In the Politics and Economics section, students acquire the specialist basics for working in political and business editorial offices. At the same time, the programme is aimed at journalistic generalists who do not want to commit themselves to a specific subject area. The teaching programme forms a knowledge base for many fields of work, especially since all departments, from medicine and sport to energy and the environment, have political and economic components.