Study overview

The specialisation IT-Infrastructures in the bachelor programme Business Informatics is divided into three courses: IT Service Management (SPM1), IT Planning and Administration (SPM1) and IT Collaboration and Integration (SPM2).


Study structure

The courses of the specialization IT-Infrastructures can be characterized as follows:

IT Service Management (4 SWS, 5 ECTS, SPM1)

The focus of this compulsory course in the IT infrastructures specialisation is the management of an IT infrastructure in medium-sized to large organisations. The basis for this is IT service management in accordance with ITIL®4, framework conditions, basic principles and a holistic approach help the organisation to align its resources and activities with value streams.  Well-founded expertise in the field of ITIL is currently in great demand from companies worldwide, and this demand is expected to increase further in the medium and long term. Ansbach University of Applied Sciences was one of the first universities in Germany to pick up on this trend and firmly anchor ITIL in its curriculum.
The course was offered for the first time in the summer semester of 2007 on the basis of ITIL V2. Since then, the course has been updated several times. Since summer semester 2023, the current standard ITIL® 4 - has formed the basis of the course.


Following the course, it is usually possible to take the ITIL basic examination, the so-called ‘Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management’. As a rule, the exam can be taken directly at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. There are additional costs for the exam (approx. EUR 300), which must be paid personally by the candidates (even if they fail). As part of the course, there is the opportunity to prepare specifically for the exam. Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire this highly sought-after additional qualification alongside your studies!

IT Planning and Administration (4 SWS, 5 ECTS, SPM1)

Der zweite Pflichtkurs der Spezialisierung IT-Infrastruktur befasst sich mit der Planung, dem Aufbau und der Wartung einer Netzwerkinfrastruktur auf Basis der Microsoft Windows Betriebssystemfamilie. Besonderes Augenmerk wird dabei auf Server-Betriebssysteme (derzeit Windows 2012 Server) gelegt. Auf der Basis eines umfassenden Kurses wird eine praxisorientierte Einführung in die Planung einer Netzwerktopologie, Benutzer- und Gruppenverwaltung, Netzwerk- und Freigabemanagement sowie die Varianten des Rechtemanagements der Microsoft-Serverfamilie gegeben.


Sie können diese Veranstaltung als ersten Einstieg in die Vorbereitung auf die Microsoft-Zertifizierungen nutzen. Bitte beachten Sie jedoch, dass MS-Zertifizierungen in der Regel deutlich mehr Zeit in Anspruch nehmen als die reine Vor- und Nachbereitung des Kurses.

IT Collaboration and Integration (4 SWS, 5 ECTS, SPM2)

The supplementary module (SPM2) of the IT infrastructures specialisation is divided into two parts and deals with web-supported collaboration between employees in small, medium-sized and large companies. In particular, it looks at how to set up web portals as effectively and efficiently as possible and thus offer employees a shared and configurable working platform. In this context, it is always important to optimise support for the company's business processes both through a web portal and through the integration of various other software systems. The technologies used include Microsoft SharePoint as part of Microsoft Office 365.

The second part of the event will look at current cloud computing platforms. In addition to cloud models and deployment variants, the focus is on practical exercises in a public cloud (currently Microsoft Azure). Various types of administration (GUI, command line, PowerShell, API access and automation options) will be discussed and tested in practice.

ITIL Foundation Certification at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

Since the summer semester of 2008, students of Business Informatics have had the opportunity to take the ITIL Foundation exam every year as an additional qualification. The ITIL Foundation Certificate gives students a much better starting position for later applications in the field of IT service management.

In the context of the study specialization IT infrastructures the students are introduced to the topic in the course IT Service Management.

In cooperation with itSMF e.V., TÜV Süd GmbH and Neubert Consulting, students can be offered the internationally recognized certification examination at a significantly reduced price.

Since the summer semester 2010, the experienced ITIL expert Ms. Bierstedt has also been supporting the students with a one-day intensive examination training.

We would like to thank the supporting persons, organisations and companies for their exemplary commitment!