Study overview

Internet use is now part of everyday life in both private and professional life. The web has become the most important information medium. Handling business processes via global networks - e-business for short - opens up completely new opportunities for companies, not only in communicating with customers, but also in handling business transactions with other companies. E-business has become the key to competition in an increasingly networked, globalised world.
Business-related use of the Internet is increasingly taking place via mobile devices. This makes mobile business another interesting and important area of e-business. In this technological environment, the effective application of artificial intelligence (AI) opens up completely new potential for innovative service offerings and business ideas.

What makes e-business solutions successful and what is the technology behind them? Where does e-business offer opportunities for new ideas and viable business models and what new possibilities does artificial intelligence offer us here? The e-business and mobile business specialisation course deals with these questions in detail.



Study structure

The E-Business and Mobile Business specialisation comprises two related core modules of the specialisation (SPM) and an optional in-depth and supplementary module (VESPM). All modules are worth 5 ECTS credits and 4 semester hours per week.




This module focuses on the business contexts and potentials of the modern Internet economy. On the basis of elementary processes and the technical and legal framework conditions, the multifaceted application possibilities of internet-based systems, including in connection with AI in e-business, are demonstrated. Based on this, the theoretical and methodological knowledge required to develop your own digital business models is taught.

The final part of the module provides space for a differentiated look at the latest, interesting developments from the thematic environment of the module.

Software systems

In the software systems module, the technical basics and most important tools required for the realisation of AI-based solutions for e-business and mobile business are presented and applied. The spectrum of tools presented ranges from simple content management systems for the creation of web applications to tools for the development of AI-based mobile apps and tools for the development of augmented and virtual reality environments.

Application development

The content of this module is the practical realisation of a comprehensive IT solution with the help of complex frameworks. This realisation takes place in teamwork, so that important tasks that typically have to be mastered during the implementation of e-business projects can be addressed and practised.