GamesLab @ HS Ansbach

Welcome to the website of the GamesLab at Ansbach University!

News & Events

  • The GamesLab now has two X-Box 360 Elite (Limited Edition) available for development! The GamesLab officially starts operations in the winter semester 2008/2009.


The GamesLab bundles the research and teaching activities of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences in the field of computer games. The research focus is on games engineering, games architecture, game audio and gaming business models.

Over the next few years, a gradual expansion of the GamesLab's activities is planned:

  • Expansion of own research activities and networking with other research groups.  
  • Establishment of an own laboratory for the development of computer and console games.
  • Offering courses on the subject at the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.
  • Networking of regional game development activities.
  • Organisation of scientific conferences and workshops on the subject of game development.
  • Promotion of business ideas in the games industry.

Research projects

  • PlayAffair(R) - A social gaming platform is created. (Making Games Magazine, issue 03/2008, pp. 66-68)
  • Research cooperation with the Swiss company Gbanga, which is currently developing a "Mobile Multiplayer Trans-Reality Game".

Mobile Development Center @ HS Ansbach

Mobile computer systems, such as smartphones and tablet PCs, make it possible to access and process information almost anywhere. In the world of work, but also in everyday life, this opens up a multitude of completely new possibilities.


The effective use of modern mobile computer systems requires the consistent use and development of new, innovative operating concepts, the demand-oriented use of technology and its integration into efficient business processes and/or service offerings.

The aim of the Mobile Development Center (MDC) is on the one hand to provide specialists for solving corresponding tasks in companies through training at the university and on the other hand to support the efficient and innovative use of mobile computer systems.

This is guaranteed by: Courses for students at the university

  • Software development for mobile devices (each winter semester since 2011)  

Students have the opportunity to develop an app on 2 of the 3 market-leading mobile operating systems in parallel during the course. This gives you a comprehensive insight into the mobile application development for the different system platforms and you get to know their similarities and differences between the system platforms.

Equipment and equipment

  • As part of the Business Informatics course at Ansbach University, the MDC has access to Apple's iOS Developer University Program and can thus provide extensive teaching material.
  • A pool of mobile devices:

Google Nexus Smartphones and Tablets

Nokia Smartphones with WindowsPhone

Apple iPad and iPad Mini

  • A lab with:

10 Apple Mac Minis

25 PCs

Expert forums and seminar events for companies

Execution of studies and specialist publications

  • Knüpffer, W.: Integration mobiler IT-Systeme, Einsatzfelder - Management - Strategie.

  • Knüpffer, W.: Mobile CRM. In: Customer Relationship Management - An Opportunity for SMEs, pp. 39-41. KEGOM UG, September 2012.