Banking, Finance and Investment Management suits you if you...

  • Have an interest in economics and capital markets
  • be comfortable working with numbers
  • have the ability to think analytically and conceptually
  • enjoy working on interdisciplinary and interactive topics on practical tasks and analyses

Future prospects

  • Excellent prospects in companies of all sizes and industries
  • Generally broad range of applications
  • Qualification for management positions
  • Careers in management consultancies, corporate finance departments, credit institutions, asset managers or auditing firms, among others

Current contents

Current and future-oriented topics from the areas of finance, capital markets banks, such as

  • Traditional and innovative financing instruments for companies
  • Importance and development of banking systems nationally/internationally
  • Strategic and tactical asset allocation
  • Company analysis and company valuation


A total of 20 ECTS, each consisting of 15 ECTS compulsory and 5 ECTS compulsory elective modules:

Banking, Finance and Investment Economics Compulsory modules:

Total 15 ECTS

Asset Management
(Prof. Dr. Oliver Schwindler)

(Prof. Dr. Hubert Hornbach)

Corporate Finance
(Prof. Dr. Hubert Hornbach)

Banking, Finance and Investment Economics Elective modules:

Total 5 ECTS

Current developments in banking and finance
(Prof. Dr. Hubert Hornbach)

Financial Modeling
(Prof. Dr. Oliver Schwindler)

Receivables management
(Dominic Behringer)

Modern financial instruments and their valuation
(Prof. Dr. Hubert Hornbach / Prof. Dr. Günter Eckstein)

Psychology of the Stock Market and/or Behavioural Finance

Company valuation according to IDW S1

International Capital Markets (Englisch)

Descriptions of the modules as well as the examination performance can be found in the current module handbook (German).


Prof. Dr. Oliver Schwindler – Professor Betriebswirtschaft (BW)

Prof. Dr. Oliver Schwindler

Professor Betriebswirtschaft (BW)

0981 4877-212 50.3.17 nach Vereinbarung per E-Mail vCard

Prof. Dr. Oliver Schwindler

Prof. Dr. Oliver Schwindler – Professor Betriebswirtschaft (BW)

Professor Betriebswirtschaft (BW)


  • Professor Betriebswirtschaft (BW)
  • Praktikumsbeauftragter Betriebswirtschaft (BW)


  • Schwerpunkt Finanz- und Investitionswirtschaft
  • Quantitative Methoden
  • Entscheidungstheorie


  • Empirische Kapitalmarktforschung
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Corporate Governance