Study overview

Do you want to make a difference?

Do you want to develop sustainable strategies for companies or institutions, generate innovative products and services, retain customers and make changes creatively?


Then the Business Administration programme is the right choice for you!

The accredited bachelor’s degree programme in Business Administration is a training programme which prepares students for the labour market and equips them for management roles both in business and administration or for master’s degree programmes in the same field. Graduates will also acquire the skills and qualifications necessary to either start a business or work as a freelancer.


Short formBW
Type of studyFull time
Standard period of study7 semester
AwardBachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Start of studiesWinter semester
Admission restrictionsnone
Lecture locationAnsbach
Language of instructionGerman
Course management Prof. Dr. Barbara Hedderich
Student advisory serviceProf. Dr. Hubert Hornbach
Study programme assistancestudiengangsassistenz-bw(at)

Fields of Study

The Business Administration degree programme offers students the opportunity to select two areas of specialisation from a wide range of stimulating subjects. Each of the two specialist areas comprises several modules, which are divided into compulsory and optional subjects. Each specialisation is supervised by at least one professor. These two areas of specialisation provide students with a broad knowledge base and increased flexibility in their future career choices, thus ensuring that students benefit from an up-to-date and practical education.

This is currently the list of the main study areas on offer:

Banking, finance and investment industry


International Business Administration


SME management

Organisation and Management

Human Resources

Production and logistics management

Accounting and taxes

Business Informatics

Intercultural Management China (Integrated Semester Abroad)

Intercultural Management Germany (for foreign students only!)

Communication and Management (for foreign students only!)

Intercultural Management (Integrated Semester Abroad)

Study structure

The modular structure of the programme allows students maximum flexibility. For example, you can often decide yourself when to take which modules and from which module groups. The only requirement is that you complete the ‘Basics of Business Administration module’ by the end of the second semester, as this is a basic and orientation module.

Here you can see an example of how a study structure might be shaped and how flexible the Business Administration course is:

The module groups are defined clearly and simply. This can be seen in the general compulsory modules, the subject-specific compulsory modules and the optional compulsory modules for the first semesters. These modules aim to provide a solid scientific foundation for the course.


The high proportion of elective modules and the range of interesting areas of specialist study allow you to construct a personal profile based on the solid foundations of a generalist business management course.



The accredited bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration is a basic business education programme which prepares students for employment and the labour market and equips them for management roles in business and administration or for master's degree programmes in business administration.

The Bachelor's programme in Business Administration leads to a qualification which corresponds to level 1, as defined by the Bologna Process and offers graduates the option to either embark on a professional career or, alternatively, to pursue further studies in a master’s programme (level 2).

Please note there are several options for gaining the further qualifications based on the bachelor’s programme: The level 2 (master's programme) and the level 3 (doctorate) at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. Further information can be obtained from the General Student Advisory Service at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.

Combined studies

It is possible to study the Business Administration course in partnership with selected business organisations.

This results in is a combination of a bachelor's degree in business administration with a corresponding vocational training.

For example: A combined study programme with RaiffeisenVolksbank eG Gewerbebank in Ansbach or a combined study programme with a focus on accounting and taxes.

The general requirements and conditions are set out in the section, ‘Ansbach University of Applied Sciences‘ Admission Requirements’:

  • High school graduation diploma or equivalent and an apprenticeship contract
  • Company training period: 22.5 months (incl. a practical semester)
  • Employment / internship in a company: part-time employment after passing the IHK examination, a second internship semester if necessary, with a view to possible permanent employment
  • Studies at the university: 6+1 semester
  • Total duration of the course: 4.5 years
  • A high level of practical training in close cooperation with the student service.

In concrete terms, for example, a combined study programme with a specialisation in accounting and taxes (contact person: Prof. Dr. Lehmeier) would be structured as follows:

A total of 4.5 years duration:

  • Vocational training as a tax assistant
  • A Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a particular specialisation in accounting and taxes as well as a further specialist area of choice

In the first year of vocational training - before starting their studies - the participants work in a tax consulting company. From the second year onwards, they also complete their studies in business administration at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.



Internationalisation features strongly in many areas of the Business Administration degree programme.


There are several ways to increase the international orientation of the course::

  • Study abroad (e.g. at partner universities)
  • Selection of relevant study areas
  • Practical semester abroad
  • Major in International Management

Ansbach University of Applied Sciences has numerous partner universities abroad. A semester abroad can easily be integrated into the individual study programme, whereby study and examination results achieved abroad can be recognised by the home university, Ansbach, by means of a ‘ Learning Agreement‘ in accordance with the internationally practised ECTS structure.

The International Management course qualifies students for advanced international business management and leadership roles. Graduates are offered a wide range of career opportunities, from classic SMEs to internationally oriented corporations.

This course consists of a combination of two main areas of study and a voluntary internship semester abroad.

Further information

Ansbach University provides an educational programme which is very practice-oriented and includes a practical semester of study.

The internship is carried out, under the supervision of the university, in various companies and other institutions outside the university. This internship provides an important link between studies and work experience.

The practical semester offers graduates an excellent opportunity to make contact with companies and institutions, which ideally can be further developed through projects or a bachelor thesis.

Depending on the area chosen, this opens up a wide and varied range of career opportunities and fields of activity.

The aim of an education in business administration is to apply the tools developed on the basis of fundamental scientific findings to solve practical problems in everyday business life: employability.


The basis for this is a broad, scientifically-founded basic education which judiciously supplements business management experience with the knowledge of related fields such as business law, business informatics or foreign languages.

Lectures take place in the main building of our modern campus which comprises a library, a canteen and a hall of residence. The campus is located close to the city.

The economic environment and the roles of modern companies and administrations are becoming increasingly dynamic and complex. Leadership often becomes international and increasingly requires specialists with extensive knowledge of operational and strategic management.


Graduates of the Business Administration degree course are able to both support management in corporate management and assume leadership responsibilities in business and administration themselves. Furthermore, they are also qualified to set up a company or take up freelance work.

After graduating, our business administration graduates can choose from a wide range of careers. They work, for example, in the following areas


  • accounting
  • controlling
  • finances
  • marketing
  • logistics
  • organization
  • human resources
  • Taxes
  • corporate governance
  • etc.

In the business administration course, we also impart the skills necessary to prepare students for self-employment after graduation.

Studying business administration at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences offers the following advantages:

  • Excellent supervision by the professors and lecturers
  • Small groups enable performance-oriented study with the possibility of own profile formation
  • Practical training with two inspiring specialist focus areas and extensive practical components
  • International university contacts open up international perspectives
  • A modern and efficient library with an up-to-date stock of e-media, databases and books
  • Modern media technology and modern IT equipment
  • Relatively young and dynamic university location
  • Beautiful central campus with canteen and student dormitory