Acquisition requests

If a certain book is not available at the university library, you have the option of informing us of your purchase request via our library catalogue (OPAC).
First click on the link "Information" in the blue menu bar on the right, then on the link "Purchase request".

You will then be able to enter all the important data for your acquisition proposal in the form.

Email service

By e-mail you will receive from us:

  1. on due media and
  2. to media that can be collected from the library.

This service is non-binding and without guarantee. It does not release the user from the obligation to pay attention to the loan period of the borrowed media. There is no legal claim to these e-mails. You are responsible for compliance with the loan periods.
Revocations of the extension and reminders with costs will continue to be sent by post.

The only prerequisite for participation in the e-mail service:

  • Your e-mail address must be stored in our system.
  • In the OPAC sub-account "User data" you can check whether you have already registered your e-mail address with us and enter 1-2 e-mail addresses.

Literature administration

Zotero: for Mac, Window, Linux; free version with 300 MB webspace, add-on for Firefox or browser-independent version; manuals partly in German

Mendeley: free basic version with 2 MB webspace, web and desktop version, app for iPhone and iPad, tutorials in English only

You can find other literature management programs, some of which are subject to a fee, by comparing different literature management programs (created by the library of the TU Munich) comparing different literature management programs (created by the library of the TU Munich).

Accession lists

You will find our new acquisitions in the catalogue (OPAC) under the menu item News, divided by subject area.

The new acquisition lists are generated daily for the last 4 weeks. As a rule, the new books are still booked to our business account, as they have not yet been completely processed. You can, however, immediately make a note of these books via the link "to document". When these books are finished, you will be informed by e-mail. Books that you have suggested for purchase are usually already noted on you.

Semester apparatuses

You will find an overview of all books in the semester apparatuses - also divided into individual professors - in our library catalogue (OPAC) under "Further Offers" - "List of Semester Apparatuses at the Ansbach University Library".

Services for professors

Acquisition requests

See acquisition requests.



As a professor you can borrow up to 100 media at the same time. These are automatically extended up to five times (provided that books are not reserved by others; does not apply to interlibrary loans).


One focus of our services is consulting, be it by telephone, e-mail or in person in the library. Of course, we are at your disposal for any questions you may have regarding literature research and ordering.

Databases, e-books and interlibrary loans

Here you will find our databases.

All e-books that are available can be searched via the catalogue of the University library. All e-books are available on campus and can be accessed from outside the campus via eduVPN .

More information about interlibrary loan can be found here (German).


In addition to the comprehensive online media available, such as e-books and full-text journals, your university library also offers many classically printed books to support your teaching and research. Sometimes, however, our loan periods are shorter than the period of use you require.

Please first research the books you need in our OPAC, come to your library and hand them in at the information desk with a reference to your handset. (We need one working day to set up your handset account for the first time, later loans will then be possible immediately).
If we already have several copies of the work in question, we will immediately make it available to you for the semester loan.
If we only have one copy of the work, we will procure another copy for you, which will be available for your handset after delivery and cataloguing.
If it is no longer possible to procure an additional copy, e.g. because the work is out of print, it will unfortunately not be possible to book it for your handset in this case, as otherwise this book would not be available to all other interested parties for a whole semester. We ask for your understanding for this regulation.
A return is necessary on 15.3. or 1.10. respectively. If no other customer needs the book, you can get it the next day again for your handset.

Literature management with Citavi

Details of the Citavi literature management program and the campus license can be found here (German).

Plagiarism check

If there is a suspicion of plagiarism in one of your supervised projects, we will be happy to act as your contact and review the work.

Semester apparatuses

Es besteht die Möglichkeit, einen Semesterapparat in der Bibliothek einzurichten, in dem Ihre Studierenden die von Ihnen empfohlenen Bücher finden. Die Bücher im Semesterapparat sind nicht ausleihbar und stehen somit jederzeit in der Bibliothek zur Verfügung. Eine Übersicht über alle derzeit bestehenden Semesterapparate finden Sie here (German).


Special status final thesis

For students who are writing their final thesis, we set up the special status final thesis in the library system. The prerequisite for this is either a copy of your application for the thesis or a short, informal e-mail from you to bibliothek[at], in which you confirm the supervision of the thesis.

Special media

The following items can be borrowed at the information desk during the personalised service hours:

Day loan (return until the end of the personalised opening hours at the Infotheke/via the letterbox in the library anteroom, no extension possible)

  • Chips for lockers
  • Fellowes Office Wire Binder for binding one's own work in the library
  • Headphones
  • Multifunction charging cable
  • Presenter
  • Key for Carrels
  • Writing sets
  • Pocket calculators
  • VGA adapter for iPad and iPhone
  • Whiteboard accessories
  • Compasses

 Four-week loan (no extension possible):

  • ´USB sticks
  • ´iPads and Tablets
  • Dictaphone
  • Energy consumption meter
  • IRIScan hand-held scanner
  • e-book reader
  • Scan pen
  • Locker key (foyer)

In addition, baskets are available for use in the library rooms without borrowing.



Special status final thesis

Für die Zeit, in der Sie Ihre Abschlussarbeit (Diplom-, Bachelor- oder Masterarbeit) an der Hochschule Ansbach schreiben, bieten wir Ihnen großzügigere Ausleihbedingungen an:

Five automatic extensions

  • For all books from our stock.
  • Prerequisite: Books are not/will not be reserved by others; if another user reserves them during the extension period, the books must be returned immediately. If this is not observed, a reminder with costs will be issued.
  • Applies only to books borrowed after conversion to special status. If you want an automatic renewal for previously borrowed media, you must return the corresponding media to the library and borrow them again the next day after the changeover to the special status has taken place (however, any reservations for these media prevent you from borrowing them again).
  • For interlibrary loans, the conditions of the lending library apply (usually no or max. one extension).

Simultaneous lending of 60 media

With the special status Final Thesis set up, you can borrow 60 media at the same time instead of only 30 media as before.

Permanent locker in the library

  • Prerequisite: Special status for closing work set up in the library system.
  • Normal loan period: 4 weeks, 5 automatic extensions possible as long as there is no preregistration.
  • conditions:
  • The library is not liable for valuables.
  • The library may open the compartment for inspection purposes.
  • Media may only be included after borrowing.
  • Borrowable at the information desk during opening hours upon presentation of the CampusCard.

Request special status

To apply for special status, please submit a copy of your application for the final thesis to us. A written confirmation from your first corrector by e-mail that you are writing your thesis is also sufficient for us.

Events of the library around the final thesis

During the semester, we also offer "Fit für die Abschlussarbeit" (German), a variety of events on the subject of final theses, including time management, writing strategies, quotes from pictures or a crash course on quoting.
A registration is not necessary (except for Citavi events), you can participate in all or selected events. The events take place in the classroom in the library.

In the summer semester the action day "Now I finally write my work - tips and tricks for scientific work" takes place.

At the university there is a campus license for Citavi. Details can be found here (German).

Tie up work

If you would like to tie your work yourself, you can borrow the Fellowes Office Wire Binder at the information desk at the staffed times. It is a wire binding, it is possible to bind work with a volume of between 36 and 130 pages. The necessary accessory set (one wire binding spine, one front and one back) can be purchased at cost price of 1 euro at the information desk with the CampusCard. Instructions are included with the binding device. The device can only be used in the library.

Copy of your thesis in the library

You are welcome to submit a printed or electronic copy of your thesis to the library. A printed copy will be listed in the catalogue, placed in the reading room and can be borrowed. In this case, please complete this declaration of consent. Information on submitting an electronic copy can be found here (German).

Range of magazines

All journals available in the university library can be found in the library catalogue (OPAC) under the title of the journal. A restriction to "newspapers and journals" is already possible in the search mask.

An extensive hit list can also be limited to the publication form "Zeitschrift" or "E-Journal" in the left column.

In the case of printed journals, you will find all the information you need in the individual hit display of the online catalogue: In addition to the journal signature, the existing holdings are also indicated. In the "Issues" tab you will find a detailed overview of all individual issues received for the current year.

Printed journals can be found in the reading room of the library:
The current issues of the current year can be found in the journal boxes in the reading room, older journal volumes can be found in the western part of the library near the group workrooms.

Electronic journals are also listed in the Elektronischen Zeitschriftenbibliothek (EZB). In addition, journals freely available on the Internet can be searched there.

Newspaper offer

Many daily and weekly newspapers are integrated in the WISO (German) database (activated in the university network, access from outside possible via eduVPN (PDF, english)). A current list of the newspapers contained in WISO can be found here.

In addition, access to more than 1.6 million articles of the FAZ (since 1993) in the university network (no access from outside via RDS) is possible via the database F.-A.-Z.-BiblioNet (German).

Via the Süddeutsche Zeitung Archiv (German) you can search the issues of the Süddeutsche Zeitung since 1992, the articles since 1998 can also be accessed as newspaper pages in pdf format. The Süddeutsche Zeitung Archive is accessible via the university network, and can be accessed from outside the campus via eduVPN.

The University Library offers the current issues of these newspapers in printed form:

  • Franconian regional newspaper
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
  • Trade journal
  • Süddeutsche newspaper
  • Time