"I 4.0 Virtual Guided Tour
With the "Bosch Connected Industry" business unit of the world's largest automotive supplier, the students carried out a practical project on the virtualisation of the
Industry 4.0 plant tours. After a market analysis, the students got down to work. They designed a moderation plan for the tour, wrote scripts for the preparation of the Industrie 4.0 use cases and produced videos as prototypes. In the presentation phase, they conducted an interactive event simulation with the clients and made recommendations for practical implementation at Bosch.

"Rule Puzzle Room"
In the practical project in the winter semester of 20/21, students took on the task of preparing dry content (rules and regulations) of the IT service provider FI-TS in a playful way and conveying it in a motivating way. As a kick-off, the client invited the project team to a virtual Escape Room. The students then developed a concept for a virtual puzzle room and implemented it technically. In two online events, they moderated the testing of the prototype in the company and collected feedback from the employees.

"Drone Academy"
Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Helmut Roderus, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences developed a certificate course "Drone Driving Licence", which qualifies participants to take safe and legally compliant aerial photographs and drone videos. For the self-study parts of the certificate course, the students produced WBTs that explain the structure and handling of a drone. For the attendance parts of the certificate course, they created training concepts and carried them out in part in practice.

"Digital Building"
The Ansbach university (Feuchtwangen campus) cooperates with small and medium-sized enterprises in the region as part of the publicly funded DigBau project. Students in our Master's programme supported the project by creating an animated video - from the handwritten sketch to the soundtrack.

Students designed an asynchronous learning unit for Bachelor students at the Faculty of Media. They curated teaching materials, developed knowledge tests and designed a virtual group work. They placed all learning activities in a Moodle course and moderated the implementation of the learning unit from the welcome to the feedback.